Staff Directory

Amy Archey

Coordinator of Health Careers

Angela Bartlow

Instructor Literacy (non-traditional)

Peter Boldt

Bus/Comm Liaison

Ruth Brewer

Instructor HSE

Kara Close


Mary Hall-Marshall

Instructor Clinical PN Program

Stephanie Hawkes

Sr. Account Clerk Typist

Martha Jodeit

Instructor Clinical PN Program

Theresa Laird

Coordinator of Case Management & Student Placement

Paula Mahoney

Transition Coordinator: Incarcerated Ed & Adult Literacy

Gregory Maine

Principal of Special Programs

Gerald Masters

Instructor HSE

Susan McCrobie

Instructor High School Equivelancy

Bianca Quartaro

Instructor Clinical PN Program

Martha Rich

Instructor PN Lab

Olga Richmond

Secretary I

Ashley Schultz


Laura Wesche

Financial Aid Coordinator