Adult Literacy and High School Equivalency

The Adult Literacy and High School Equivalency Program at Wayne Finger Lakes BOCES is providing literacy services for adults in the Ontario, Seneca, Wayne and Yates county area. We are committed to providing educational opportunities to adults who wish to develop skills for employment and successful completion of a high school equivalency diploma.

Listed below are the adult literacy programs we offer as well as if you are interested in someone contacting you for more information:


Distance Learning Program

Distance Learning Program, allows you to take your work home, and meet weekly with the instructor to exchange your assignments. This is a great solution for students who may have schedule and/or transportation issues. *You must meet with your instructor weekly to exchange your assignments*

National External Diploma Program

National External Diploma Program, allows eligible students to obtain a New York State issued high school equivalency diploma by completing a series of online academic competencies as well as applying their life and employment experience.

ABE (Adult Basic Education)

Adult Basic Education (ABE) programs that teach reading, writing and math to increase your skills and help prepare you to take the TASC test (formerly known as the GED).

TASC Preparation Program

TASC Preparation Program, prepare students for the TASC test that once passed, will earn you a high school equivalency diploma.

Adult Literacy Brochure

Adult Literacy Brochure, of our classes, times and locations in PDF form for your to print and keep handy.

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