TEAS® (Test of Essential Academic Skills)

Every college-level educational program begins with a solid foundation in academic skills. Your previous educational roles might have given you all the preparation you need. On the other hand, you might have just gotten by, or perhaps it’s been quite a while since you have had to engage in a classroom experience.

In any case, ATI is there for you, getting you started on the road to nursing licensure with an assessment of your abilities in those essential areas for you to become a successful student. ATI calls it the Test of Essential Academic Skills – TEAS® for short. Wayne Finger Lakes BOCES requires you to take this as an entrance exam to the School of Practical Nursing.  Please note that we do not administer the Science or English portions of the exam.



  • Identifying types of writing;  Narrative, Expository, Descriptive, Persuasive
  •  Passage Comprehension
  •  Identifying facts, opinions, stereotypes and bias in writing
  •  Identifying main idea and supporting details of passages
  •  Making predictions, drawing inferences and conclusions from reading
  •  Drawing information from labels, charts, graphs, indexes, maps, advertisements, etc.
  •  Following written directions


Calculators Provided by Testing Center

  • Adding, subtracting, multiplying & dividing; whole numbers, fractions, mixed numbers & decimals
  •  Calculating percentages
  •  Converting between decimals, fractions and percents
  •  Using ratios and proportions
  •  Converting between one measurement to another, i.e. , inches to centimeters,  grams to kilograms
  •  One and two step word problems using all of the above


ATI TEAS® Secrets:  The official TEAS® 6 resource, written specifically to address the needs of students preparing to take the TEAS® 6 (ISBN: 10: 1516703839) can be purchased from amazon.com.

GED Review Books:  GED review books, found in all public libraries, cover the study topics outlined above.  Additionally, free GED Classes can also offer instruction to prepare students for Test of Essential Academic Skills – TEAS®.

On-line practice tests are also available directly from ATI:  Go to atitesting.com; click on “TEAS” at the top of the page and then click on “Prep for Test”.  You will need to create an account to purchase products. You will need to enter the institution “W-FL BOCES”.  You will not need a student ID.