Satisfactory Academic Progress

Students are advised that continued eligibility for Federal financial aid awards requires that students maintain compliance with Federal Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Standards. Federal SAP standards are required to be measured in both quantitative (i.e., pace) and qualitative (ie., grade point average) terms. Federal SAP standards are reviewed at the end of each term (ie., 450 clock hours, 900 clock hours and at the end of the program).

Students who fail to maintain pace, who fall below the required grade point average or who meet or surpass the maximum time frame standard, or any combination of the standards, will be considered out of compliance and ineligible to received Federal financial aid for future terms, beginning immediately, until compliance has been regained.

All program requirements must be completed within a maximum time frame of 1.5 times the normal program length, as measured in calendar time. Our Practical Nursing program is 45 weeks in length and must be completed within 67 calendar weeks. Students exceeding the maximum time frame will be administratively withdrawn.