Refund Policy

Students who withdraw, or who are terminated prior to the end of any enrollment period, will be eligible for a tuition refund, for the term they withdraw, according to the following schedule:

Clock Hours Scheduled PN Terms I, II & III And Percent Refund

Hrs Completed - Percent Refund
0,                           100%
1 - 11,                    75%
12-17,                    50%
18 - 23,                  25%

No Refund After 24 Scheduled Clock Hours

Students officially withdrawing from school should initiate the process with their case manager. Calculation of tuition liability and financial aid eligibility will be calculated from the student's last day of documented attendance.

Any direct payments toward tuition are 100% refunded if the student does not begin class or if it is necessary to cancel a class.

All tuition deposits of $250.00 are non-refundable.