Thursday - Skill Building

Skill Building Session -

11:00 - 12:00 p.m.

Lead Where You Are

Presenter: Joe Sanfelippo
Location: Diamond

Session Description: “I’m just.” It’s a phrase we hear all the time. I’m just a teacher, I’m just an assistant principal, I’m just a tech director, I’m just a custodian….the list goes on and on and is always followed by reasons something CAN’T happen. Leadership is not a title, it’s an action...and it starts from within. Identifying leadership traits in yourself changes your mindset when thinking about leading those around you. Part of our responsibilities as leaders is to identify leadership traits in others. We need to be better talent scouts in our schools. The opportunities are endless for those who choose to’s our job to find those traits, focus our efforts on growth opportunities, and foster an environment where everyone has a chance to lead. This fast-paced and engaging session will help you identify your own leadership traits and implement practical ways to increase your capacity to find them in others.

High Performance Habits of Extraordinary Educational Leaders

Presenters: Kristin Swann (Victor CSD)
Location: Gala

Session Description: Brendon Burchard said, “High performance is not achieved by a specific kind of person, but rather by a specific set of practices.” Participants will discuss the habits of high performance leaders. Anyone can learn these habits, regardless of experience, strengths, or position. Come learn how to move the needle and succeed at a level above and beyond where you are today.

Growth Mindset - Our Journey

Presenters: Chris Arnold and Laurie Hopkins-Halbert (Dundee CSD)
Location: Concord

Session Description: Growth Mindset...not just a buzz phrase, but the only way to BE if we are to keep ourselves and our teams moving forward. Follow one district’s journey and learn how they have embraced challenges, persisted, and grown as a team through trial and error and lots of reflection. We all know growth for any student is a safe environment - how do we create this environment for our teams? Learn about their journey where they have been, how they changed, and where they are headed next in their quest towards personalizing learning for every student.

Support through the Squiggles - The Magic of Rose Colored Glasses Paired with Objective Data

Presenters: Marygrace Mazzullo (Williamson CSD)
Location: Niagara

Session Description: One of the most important things we do as school systems is provide ongoing learning opportunities for our staff. Some of these learning opportunities are by choice, but there are some that are non-negotiable because the knowledge and skills are critical to the success of major district initiatives. This type of learning presents some interesting differences. This session will explore how the mindset of generosity, when paired with objective data, can create an environment where all learners thrive. Takeaways: insight on how a generous mindset adds value to instructional leadership; ways to collect objective evidence on progress toward learning goals; ways to personalize professional learning for staff.

"They're Not Like We Used to Be"... Appreciating the Talents and Needs of GenZ Students

Presenters: Derek Greenfield
Location: Empire

Session Description: Our students today are, in many ways, quite different than those from previous generations — and they possess the skills to positively change the world!  In this engaging, participatory session, participants will gain a richer understanding of the unique characteristics, strengths, and challenges of the GenZ population in order to create dynamic learning environments that maximize their potential.  From sharing practical classroom techniques to exploring how outdated policies work against our best interests, the presenter will provide meaningful takeaways and model the kind of engaged community that fosters a true sense of empowerment for our students.  Let’s have fun and learn together!

Positive School Culture: Practical Ideas for Improving and Maintaining Your School Culture

Presenters: Ellen Lloyd and Shane Dehn (Marion CSD)
Location: McIntosh

Session Description: Join us on the quest to continue growing and maintaining positive school culture. During this session you will be presented some simple tips and tricks from the field for improving your school culture right away and over time. Then, you will have time to explore a simple survey that will help assess your school’s current culture. With that data, you can begin to create a plan that will improve your school’s culture immediately and for years to come. Please bring at least one positive culture shaping idea to share and a charged device to this session.

Mining Group Gold: How to Cash In on the Collaborative Brain Power of a Group

Presenters: Kathy Wegman (Marion CSD, Retired)
Location: Jack Loveless

Session Description: Based on the work of Thomas A. Kayser, participants will explore the tools and processes that can make a difference in group productivity and effectiveness.   Time is a precious commodity.  The art of managing people and ideas to achieve a high level of results is essential in this fast paced, high stakes environment.   Learn how to get the most out of your meetings as well as how to deal with challenging behaviors.   Being strategic and intentional are key to achieving clearly-stated desired outcomes during task-oriented group sessions.  Learn to maximize the precious resource of time.

Let the System do the Work

Presenters: Dr. Ryan Pacatte (Pal-Mac CSD)
Location: Cortland

Session Description: The need for ongoing, job-embedded professional learning has never been greater.  Balancing the comprehensive needs for all teachers while also leveraging support for specialist can quickly lead to a struggle of leadership.  The professional learning needs of our kindergarten teacher are different from the needs of our US History teachers.  The learning needs of our leaders?  Transportation?  Coaches?  Aides and Assistants?  The list grows quickly.  Just picture Lucy and the chocolate factory.  The days of one person being responsible for professional learning are gone.  Instead, we need systems to do the work of delivering powerful and relevant professional learning so we are better able to meet the learning needs of our students.