Friday - Skill Building

Skill Building Session -

1:30 - 2:30 pm

Difficult Conversations Continued: Facts, Stories, and Power

Presenter: Whitney Benns
Location: Diamond

Session Description: Pick up where the keynote left off by examining the risks of raising as well as avoiding difficult conversations. By examining facts and stories, the session will explore how intentions can differ from impacts, and it will explore the importance of recognizing power dynamics while serving in leadership positions.  

Student Empowerment

Presenter: Arkee Allen (Sodus CSD)
Location: Gala

Session Description: Student Empowerment is about letting go of some of the control in your building and trusting the students to make your school great! We will "drive the point home" that we don't have to know everything, THE STUDENTS ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT RESOURCE WE HAVE!

The Power of Social Media in Educational Leadership

Presenters: Katy Lumb (Clyde-Savannah CSD)
Location: Concord

Session Description: Social Media is a powerful and relevant way to share school celebrations, keep stakeholders updated with important information, and build your own Professional Learning Network. Whether you're a seasoned Social Media user or you're a rookie, come join the conversation!

Leading in Times of Tragedy

Presenter: Nelson Kise (Sodus CSD)
Location: Niagara

Session Description: Over the past two years, the Sodus CSD has endured incomprehensible tragedy. It began in the fall of 2017 when two Sodus seniors were murdered just 36 days apart. Less than a year later, the parents of two Sodus Elementary School students were murdered 100 yards from school grounds. In this session, I will share our story and the critical impact the Sodus CSD played in supporting, communicating and caring for the families, students, staff, and community members devastated by these events. Although tragic, these experiences have united our community and made us stronger.

Building Support for Organizational Change

Presenters: Dr. Jason Andrews (Windsor CSD)
Location: Empire

Session Description: In order to affect change and improve outcomes and opportunities for students, leaders must build support in their organizations.  Indeed, followership can be even more than leadership.  In this interactive session, participants will learn how to build buy-in and gain strategies to address resistance to cultural change.

Creating a Culture of Connection #SFCSDPROUD

Presenters: Karissa Blamble, Janet Clenenden, Jeramy Clingerman, Amy Hibbard, Kevin Rhinehart, Faith Lewis, Breanna Mullen, Jim Bruni , and Jodie Verkey (Seneca Falls CSD)
Location: McIntosh

Session Description: The Seneca Falls CSD Leadership Team will share insights in the importance of school culture and its impact on the total organization. Participants will engage in discussion and activities to identify school culture characteristics and their importance in future growth and enhancements of districts and schools.

Raising Student Voice and Participation

Presenters: Darcy Smith and Amanda Masters (Pal-Mac CSD)
Location: Jack Loveless

Session Description: Presenters will provide an overview of Pal-Mac Middle School's student leadership journey, including describing the delivery of student-led Leadership Lessons to peers as wells as our DEAL (Drop Everything and Lead) program that provides all students opportunity to significantly contribute to the school and/or local community.

High-Quality PD: How to Plan, Prep, and Deliver!

Presenters: Greg Baker (Penn Yan CSD)
Location: Cortland

Session Description: Let’s talk professional development! Whether you have 30 minutes or 3 hours, many of the best practices related to planning, preparation, and delivery are the same. This PD session on PD will be a combination of concrete protocols to walk away with in addition to an opportunity to discuss the most powerful PDs you have led or been a part of.

Positive Relationships

Presenters: Stephanie Miller (Newark CSD)
Location: Finger Lakes Conference Room

Session Description: “Leadership is a relationship.” - Barry Posner Relationships are fluid and evolve over time. We must be cognizant of these connections because relationships reside deep in the core of our buildings and communities. Mission, vision and values provide a foundation for a district’s overall direction yet equally valuable are the relationships at every level. This session is focused on self-awareness, understanding others, and teamwork so that attendees can continue to strengthen their organization.