Computers/Communications Careers

Computer Technology

Program Goal:

Computer Programming and Video Game Design enables students to learn software development, game programming, computer and network support. Students may earn up to 9 college credits from FLCC.  After mastering a programming language students will specialize in computer programming and video game design, computer hardware and network operating systems through on-line tools and certification exams provided by TestOut.  


During the first year of this program, students learn the essentials of computer programming and practice their skills through programming exercises, by writing their own computer games and developing both in house and online software solutions. Students are taught concepts from geometry, trigonometry, and algebra necessary to model real world physics in games and simulations.  Students will also gain knowledge of general hardware and troubleshooting PCs and Operating Systems.

During the second year of this program students study the Windows programming model using .NET and C#.  C# is the most modern programming language desired by professional software development firms.  These students apply their skills to collaborate on a substantial game development project using C#, Visual Studio, Unity game engine or other tools.

Units of Study:

  • Computer Architecture & Operation

  • Blitz Basic

  • HTML & CSS

  • PHP

  • Databases and MySQL

  • Object Oriented Programming and C#

  • Game development using Unity

  • Computer Networking

Teacher: Keith Calaman


Graphic Media Production

Program Goal:

The Graphic Media Production Program teaches to the Macintosh Operating System national skills standard and includes software instruction in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver and Flash.


This program provides instruction in design, layout and the reproduction of artwork in advertising. Both hand and computer illustration skills are developed. At the end of each year, every student will have completed a creative portfolio for use during employment searches and the post secondary application process. This course of study provides students with the basic technological skills necessary for careers in this growing industry. It’s exciting, it’s challenging, and it’s fun.

Units of Study:

  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Basic Composition and Elements of Design
  • Brochure, Packaging and Publication Design
  • Computer Skills and Design Software
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Illustration and Design
  • Commercial Photography

Teacher: David Damico