New Vision Programs

New Vision Health Therapy Sciences

Program Goal:

Exercise Science is becoming one of the fastest growing college majors and occupational area in the health and medical industry. Both theory and hands-on experience are introduced in this exciting program. The Health Therapy Science Program is designed to provide high school seniors the opportunity to intensely investigate future college and professional career options within the fields of health, exercise science, and kinesiology.


A one-year program that follows the New Vision Model by offering student mentored based shadowing experiences at local hospitals, colleges and medical profession offices and introduces students to all aspects of Exercise Science including anatomy, especially the musculoskeletal system; fitness and flexibility; nutrition and weight management; safety, injuries, and injury prevention; cardiorespiratory endurance; exercise physiology; medical terminology; applied kinesiology (the study of human movement); and resistance and cardiorespiratory training programs/progressions.

The New Vision Exercise Program is designed to prepare students for a wide variety of college majors related to health, physical activity, and sport. The program also serves as a stepping stone to further education in high demand medical careers. This is a broad based professional curriculum that will target student development of the knowledge and skills of a wide range of career options within the health, sports, and exercise science fields.

Additionally, this program will give students a foundation of basic skills required for workplace situations and is uniquely suited to help students build skills related to communications, decision making, time management and relationship building, among others. Students will study and experience academics in an environment that uses an interdisciplinary approach to English Language Arts, Math, Science and Technology. Secondary English, Science, and Physical Education credits will be offered through an integrated model with FLTCC academic staff and the program instructor providing the instruction. Post- secondary dual credit agreement with Finger Lakes Community College will give students a head start on their college studies.

Teacher: Dr. Michael Tiffany


New Vision Medical

Program Goal:

The New Vision Medical program’s goal is to provide an interdisciplinary and experiential learning opportunity to high school seniors interested in pursuing health careers. The classroom is located on the Geneva General Hospital campus allowing students to explore a full array of medical careers while gaining 150 hours of clinical experience and nine college credits (ENG101, ENG103, and SSC205).


Students master clinical competencies useful in a wide-range of careers that enable them to interact with patients and medical staff while on 24 clinical rotation sites. Rotation sites are arranged in 4, 6-week blocks of analogous units; Diagnostic, Acute Care, Life Stages, and Surgical to enhance students’ understanding of patient/resident care, increase retention of clinical knowledge, and master system based practices. Computer Based Learning modules introduce students to specific principles (i.e. call lights, rapid response, Accu-Chek, moderate sedation) and medical surgical disorders of human organ systems (i.e. stroke risk factors and assessment, dementia, pneumonia, sepsis, COPD) they are likely to observe in each block.

Directed Experience outlines for each rotation site provides a guide for students to be proactive and places them in charge of their own learning.

The interdisciplinary classroom approach allows students to study English, government, economics and health sciences simultaneously and apply this practice-based learning in a multi disciplinary professional environment.

Teacher: Laura Van Niel, Hannah Young