Related Services

Occupational Therapy

School-Based Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists employed by the NYS
Department of Education may provide services in several educationally relevant areas in which they can help promote student success, including, but not
limited to:

Classroom Responsibilities – activities necessary for participation in various classroom activities, including adapting to routines, organizing materials, hand skills necessary for manipulating classroom tools and producing written work

Functional Sensory motor Skills/Environmental Interactions such as staying on task while filtering distractions, interacting cooperatively and appropriately with peers and adults, following directions, observing personal space and utilizing various school equipment safely

Activities of Daily Living – as it relates to self-care activities such as hygiene, toileting, feeding, managing personal materials and devices

Transitioning from school to post-school activities

PRI/INT Therapist
  • Stephanie D'Abbracci
  • Jennifer Griffin
  • Giovanna Greco
  • Jen Griffin (MEC @ Perkins)
  • Hannah Washburn
  • Chloe Zaengle
MS/HS Therapist
  • Betsy Brown
  • Alicia Roland
  • Allison D'Amato
  • Elizabeth Hinkley

Physical Therapy

School-Based Physical Therapy

As per the NYS Department of Education, physical therapists may provide services in various areas of school function related to a student’s ability to access the educational environment, including, but not limited to:

School mobility – student’s ability to access various areas of the school via walking, wheelchair or other means of mobility

Classroom activities – function related to participating physically and maneuvering within the classroom environment

Accessing (and participating in) the lunchroom, playground, bathroom, transportation, etc

Transitioning from school to post-school activities

PRI/INT Therapist
  • Allyssa Curtis
  • Elizabeth Lewis
  • Elizabeth Welch (MEC @ Perkins)
  • Jami Randall
  • Stephanie Storms
MS/HS Therapist
  • Betsy George-Jones
  • Katrina Bean

Speech & Language Therapy

Speech & Language Therapy services are an integral part of Midlakes Education Center’s educational program. At MEC we pride ourselves in offering specialized and individualized therapeutic programs that meet the unique needs of each of our student’s differing abilities. We believe strongly that a successful program requires close collaboration amongst staff. Speech therapists are part of our interdisciplinary team. Working closely with the classroom teacher/staff and other related service providers.

As part of our program all students receive large group language instruction in their classrooms. Individual, small group therapy and consult sessions are also provided based on each student’s individual IEP recommendations. Our speech therapy team specializes in delivering intensive treatments that address the social, communication and behavioral issues of our students. Each child’s treatment program will depend on their needs and strengths. Visual strategies, social skills supports, modifications and assistive technology are key ingredients in our program and are successfully integrated across school settings. Overall, MEC’s speech therapy team is highly committed to recognizing the unique gifts found in each of our students and helping them to become the best they can be.

PRI/INT Therapist
  • Jessica Snow (MEC @ Perkins)
  • Sara Tripp
  • Sue DeJohn
  • Jessica Perrin
  • Rachel Peck
  • Nicole Fobare
  • Sue Morse
  • Meredith Yarbrough (MEC @ Perkins)
MS/HS Therapist
  • Celina Aldrich
  • Shannon Anderson
  • Carol Priebe
  • Kathleen Thomas
  • Cheryl Stewart
  • Tom Buchiere
  • Andrea DiCarlo


At Midlakes Education Center the clinical staff currently includes: A behavioral Specialist Coordinator, several School Psychologists, and a School Counselor. It is our role to provide individual and group counseling to all children based on their needs. Additionally, we are responsible for conducting psychological assessments, managing Behavioral Intervention Plans and transition planning.

The clinical team at MEC is skilled at providing support to parents and teachers to gain a better understanding of developmental delays, mental health issues and behavior challenges faced by our students. Staff can also refer families to appropriate community resources when and work closely with these agencies to provide services when needed.

The MEC staff is trained in Therapeutic Crisis Intervention for Schools (TCIS) and several are clinical staff are TCIS trainers. Our role in both capacities is to support environmentally and emotionally students and staff while also teaching new skills to ensure student and staff success.

  • Heather Kenyon
  • Lauren Wilkins
  • Kelsey Osborne
  • Mandi Hochheimer (MEC @ Perkins)
  • Jacquie Ammon
  • Ryan Booth
  • Shauna Bardanis
  • Sarah Bell

Music Therapy

School-Based Music Therapy

Within the school setting music therapy is provided as a related service on a student’s IEP. Services at MEC are contracted through Upstate Music Therapy Center, LLC, a Penfield-based agency that specializes in working with individuals age six months to twenty-one years old. After an initial assessment is completed, qualifying students may receive services individually, as part of a classroom group, or on a consult basis. Sessions focus on using music as a motivating tool to teach and reinforce non-musical skills in the areas of academics, communication, social/emotional development, and gross/fine motor skills. Therapeutic interventions may include playing instruments, moving to music, singing, songwriting, and learning through music.

  • Rebecca Szalay
  • Jamie Swieringa

Physical Education

At MEC Activities are adapted to meet the needs of the students. Students are emerged in activities that promote turn taking, waiting and social interaction with their peers and staff. Some of the units covered include but are not limited to swimming, track and field, ball skills, and physical fitness. The PE staff is committed to creating activities that are skill based and will expose students to life-time fitness.

A favorite activity of the students is "Free Friday". The students have the opportunity to participate in an activity of their own choice, such as basketball, swings, airflow mat, biking or the Wii.

Physical Education Teachers
  • Bill Hobart
  • Jennifer Meehan 
  • Brandon Dirks

Assistive Technology Services

  • District/program needs and resource assessment
  • Individual student technology screening, evaluation, consultation/service delivery
  • Professional development on topics related to assistive technology and universal design for learning
  • Classroom/team/parent consultations
  • Technical assistance in providing instructional materials in alternate formats
  • Device loan based on availability and technical support