Autism Center for Child Development

Perkins Elementary

Our classrooms focus on pre-academic and academic skills at the K-2 grade levels. We focus on all areas of English Language arts and Math. Our students have a wide range of skills and abilities. We work in a small group setting to enhance student learning.

Our classrooms have a strong focus on language development through a variety of activities. Our classrooms also focus on the development of social skills such as following directions, sharing, working with others, turn taking and waiting.


Jenny McGlynn
Brittany Connell


Kelly School

My name is Jen Peterson and I teach in the ACCD classroom grades 3-5 at the Kelley Intermediate School in Newark. We are a 12:1:1 classroom. The ratio of students to staff is typically 3:1. This allows the teacher to give more 1:1 time to students when needed throughout the school day.

We have students with varying degrees of learning abilities so academic groups are broken down into smaller groups of 2-3 to provide more intense academic instruction to meet their specific needs. A few of my students mainstream for math and ELA and other mainstream for music and art.

Having students mainstream is great for keeping them included in the school community. This year we have 10 students and 8 stuff. Having this ratio helps provide the highest level of independent support for all students.


Jen Peterson


Middle School

Within our Middle school program, Julie and Tes have created a schedule that allows the students to become familiar with having a transitional schedule similar to a mainstream school. It also prepares them for high school.

Mrs. King teaches Math and Science while Ms. Modzel is responsible for ELA and Social Studies. The program also allows for life skills and social skills experiences.


Julie King
Tess Modzel


High School

The focus of the Newark Education Center's Academic, Communications and Career Development program at Newark High School is college and career readiness.

Students are enrolled in high school courses relevant to their Career Plan and academic program, including Regents, Career Development and Occupational Studies (CDOS) and New York State Alternate Assessment (NYSAA).

Additionally, students have the opportunity to participate in guided work experiences in and around the Newark community.


Hanna Baker
Tami Clark
Kelly Pielow