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Courier Service

Service Qualifier

This service is available for interoffice mail and small packages that one person can lift and carry without assistance and within a reasonable time frame while maintaining a predetermined route.

If an item doesn't meet the service qualifier then another means of delivery and/or pick up must be arranged. If in doubt Email us at for clarification and we'll work out the best solution with you.

The Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES Courier Service is located in the EduTech Warehouse at our Regional Support Center in Newark.

The W-FL BOCES Courier Service delivers mail and small packages to 25 component school districts as well as all of the BOCES work sites in the 8 county Genesee Valley and Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES region. Additional districts and organizations are also supported per specific W-FL programs, e.g. Science (ESTEC), Media Library, CBO, etc.

The Courier Service operates week days during normal business hours throughout the year.

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Contact Us!

To request service send an Email to and include the following information:

* Your name and phone number
* Detail of request

Someone from the warehouse/courier control desk will contact you ASAP to confirm the request. Please allow ample time for confirmation and scheduling.

Phone: 315.332.7328
EduTech Warehouse and W-FL BOCES Courier Control Desk

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