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Within interscholastic based environment, Esports is rapidly growing and is providing opportunities to students in a team-based competition with specific rules set in the arena of a video game. 

Important life skills that student athletes learn through interscholastic athletics also relate to Esports ! Skills such as:

  • team building
  • social relationships 
  • sportsmanship 
  • leadership
  • work ethic
  • pressure
  • self-confidence
  • time management

Many colleges are already competing in Esports and are offering student scholarships.  Many skills development in education are also being developed from Esports programs to support careers in broadcasting, programming, publishing, social media, information technology, and marketing. 

There are endless opportunities for students to succeed and is likely a demographic population that currently is not involved in after school activities at your district!

Wayne Finger Lakes BOCES is working directly with an Esports vendor PlayVS that helps create the online dashboard and web-based organization statewide ensuring that only students participating are in grades 9-12 and are within New York state. 

Each school will designate an adult to be the team coach to facilitate team practices and competitions after school.  An Esports coach doesn’t necessarily have to know how to play the games, but what is important as you are putting students in a situation where they have an adult facilitator that can provide digital guidance and supervision in an after-school program. 

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Contact Us

For questions on how to start an Esports program contact your EduTech support.  

Any Wayne Finger Lakes BOCES district can sign-up for an aid-able service through a COSER.  Additionally, any Section V Athletic member school can do a cross contract with Wayne Finger Lakes BOCES through their regional BOCES with us. 

Some of the services provided:

Edutech hardware recommendations, configuration and setup of hardware equipment once district purchases.

  • Edutech assist in securing network and testing
  • Edutech IT Helpdesk support
  • Game day support liaison
  • Coach development and training opportunities
  • State Esports championship event planning and venue

Did you Know...

Research is already showing that districts with an Esports program are seeing an increase in attendance and an improvement in grades for those participating.  We are proud to be part of the team that continues to improve student success!

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