General Esports FAQ

What games are currently available?

Starting in the Spring 2020 season we will support League of Legends and Rocket LeagueSmite will likely be available in Spring 2021 with Rocket League and League of Legends.  

Do we allow violent games or first-person shooters?

PlayVS who specializes in working directly with publishers only utilizes games that meet high school standards for video games and in doing so are not violent and are not first-person shooters.  They focus on video games that utilize team building and strategy.  They also strategize on rules and conduct for coaches and students to follow to provide a fair and equitable arena.  Currently PlayVS offers League of Legends, Rocket League, and SMITE

How many players are needed to start a team?

Depends on the game being used:

League of Legends – 5 – 7 per team

Rocket League – 3 per team

Smite – 5-7 players per team

For more details check out the Getting Started page

How many teams can we have from one school?

You can have as many teams as you would like as long as you have players to support.  For example, League of Legends, you will want to have 5 to 7 players for each team.  However, games are on Tuesdays and all schedule at 4pm so you will need to have enough computers to support multiple teams.

Is it required for students to have an email account?

The PlayVS system requires students to have a school account email if they have one available.  All students must be 13+ years of age so they are eligible for free Gmail accounts if they need to create one.  Chances are they had to have an email account to play the game on their own at home if they had prior experience so they can use that account if no school account.  PlayVS requires an email account as that is how they handle password resets and a few other account tasks.

Can students play at home?

Coaches and players are not recommended to practice at home as a team, but it is no different than players participating in a pickup game of football at home unsupervised by a coach.  Practices should be at school and facilitated by a coach.  A player can download or purchase the game personally and play, however they would not be doing this through Play VS dashboard nor any of their stats during gameplay would be kept.  In league of legends for the champions to all be unlocked you would need to be set up and running PlayVS through your dedicated Esports location.

Can we re-schedule a time due to a conflict? 

It is up to both teams to agree otherwise the team with the conflict would forfeit during regular season and must be done so within 24 hours by emailing  Scrimmages and practices are locked and cannot be re-scheduled through PlayVS system.  However, teams can practice and scrimmage outside of PlayVS system as custom games but would not have access to all the unlocked features of the game that you would through PlayVS as they have integrated relationships and licensing through the publisher for customizations and unlocked champions.

What are acceptable practice strategies?

Internal scrimmages if you have enough players and equipment to have enough players and setup custom games is acceptable.  You can also do online matches against random online, but must be done always with coach supervision.

What happens if a student quits?

You can continue adding students after the registration deadline, but you will need to keep the number of players the same and to get a player removed you will need to contact

Can a student participate in more than one league in a season?  For example, participate in League of Legends that compete on Tuesdays and then also in Rocket League  on Thursdays? 

Players can only participate in one Esports per season.  This includes starters and subs, which means that League of Legends players are ineligible to play Rocket League simultaneously.