Early College High School


Seed money for development of an Early College High School (ECHS)

Please note this is an anticipated opportunity and the summary provided below is based on the last open round for this competition.  It is possible that some of the information below will change when the new RFP is released.

General:  Provides underrepresented and/or economically disadvantaged students in Grades 9-12 will be provided additional counseling and academic support, and college courses which will be used to both meet the high school graduation/Regents diploma requirements and earn 60 transferable college credits or an associate degree at no cost to their families.  In addition, program graduates who have earned 60 college credits or an associate degree will have the option of being admitted to a partner four-year IHE where the college credits they’ve earned are aligned to support their completion of a bachelor’s degree within two years of admission.

  • Eligible students will be provided a high school curriculum whose core high school courses are aligned with the partner IHE’s introductory level courses, and additional academic and counseling support in 9th through 12th grade to ensure that they are ready to participate in rigorous collegiate courses offered in the ECHS.
  • Eligible students, in Grades 9-12, will be provided college courses in degree pathways to earn 60 transferable college credits or an associate degree from a partner IHE by the time they graduate from high school while also meeting the high school graduation/Regents diploma requirements.
  • The courses provided to Smart Transfer ECHS students articulate with general education requirements and degree pathways at the partner four-year IHE so that students who graduate with 60 transferable college credits or an associate degree will be able to complete a bachelor’s degree at the partner four-year IHE within two years of matriculation at that institution.

Expected Release Date: October 1, 2018.

Possible Priorities: It can be expected that NYSED may assign bonus points to Priority and Focus Schools.  

Expected Eligibility:  Public School District with high needs schools partnering with Institutions of Higher Education.

Expected Funding: Based on the 2017-18 final budget appropriates $5.3 million in new funding to expand early college high schools with an emphasis on high-needs school districts and those that focus on providing students skills needed by the high-tech sector. This investment is designed to allow for the creation of at least ten new early college high schools.

  • $75,750 for a planning phase (6 months)
  • $3,165 per student per year for four years,
  • Minimum of 25 and maximum of 45 for each grade cohort.
  • E.g. if we had cohorts of 35 each year and built it from 9th grade to 12th grade over 4 years we would receive $1,107,750.  

Interested: Please contact Chris Semler at 585-200-2568 or csemler@organizationalharmony.org

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