Food Service Equipment

Anticipated Opportunity: Purchase food service equipment.

FY 2019 National School Lunch Program (NSLP) Equipment Assistance Grant for School Food Authorities (SFAs): Please note, this announcement is based on previous RFPs.  The actual released RFP may differ from this announcement. Please share with your food service director. The School Food Service Equipment Grant is intended to provide eligible schools the opportunity to purchase equipment that will allow the school to: serve healthier meals that meet the updated meal patterns, improve the overall quality of meals, improve efficiency of production and service and expand participation.

Eligibility:  All schools under a School Food Authority (SFA) in the NSLP are eligible. The SFA will apply on behalf of their eligible schools. Even schools who have previously received or have already applied this year may apply.

Requirements: The SFA will submit a separate application for each piece of requested equipment for an eligible school.

Priorities: Schools with 50 percent or more students eligible for free/reduced price lunch will receive 5 additional points.   Additionally, School Food Authorities (schools) who have not previously been awarded the grant are given a priority.

Funds Available:  $1.4 million statewide, grants minimum is $5,000 (unless you have a policy that considers equipment greater than $2,000), and grant maximum is $20,000.

Anticipated Release Date: November 1, 2018

Interested:  If you need assistance or advisement, please contact Chris Semler at or 585-200-2568. If assistance is provided it will still be up to the food service director to identify the equipment, get at least three quotes, and provide the reason the equipment is needed.

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