Grants for Teachers

Potential Grant Opportunities for Teachers

Free resources for identifying grant opportunities:

The following grants are resources for teachers.  It is recommended that the teacher or staff of the school or district write this themselves. If support is needed, it should be limited to initial advisement and review.

Funder Program Area and/or Funding Priority Website Amount Application Date
AIAA Foundation

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Classroom Grant program promotes aerospace education activities in classrooms from kindergarten through grade 12. AIAA awards grants of up to $500 to worthy projects that significantly influence student learning. Funding will be considered for the following materials:

  • -Classroom STEM demonstration kits
  • -Classroom STEM supplies
  • -K-12 STEM software
  • -Math manipulative materials
  • -Parts and supplies for making flying objects
  • -Parts and supplies for robotics program
Classroom grants $500 1.11.19
Annie's Grants for Gardens

Small grants program that supports the creation or enhancement of a school-based edible garden. The creation of the edible garden must involve at least 75 students.

Grants for Gardens 3,000 11.1.18
Association of American Educators

The Association of American Educators (AAE) is a professional organization that seeks to foster greater professionalism in the classroom. The Foundation's National Scholarships and Grants Program offers scholarships and classroom grants to educators nationwide, including:

  • Teacher Scholarships of up to $500 can be used for a wide variety of professional development opportunities and materials, including books, travel expenses, conferences, workshops, registration fees, etc.
  • Classroom Grants of up to $500 can be used for a variety of projects and materials, including books, software, calculators, art supplies, lab materials, and other materials.
Note: Preference is given to AAE members.
AAE Foundation $500 March 1 - October 1
Captain Planet Foundation

The Captain Planet Foundation is dedicated to giving the next generation of environmental stewards an active understanding and love for the natural world in which they live.

Two grant programs:

ecoTech Grants: offered to schools and nonprofit organizations for the purpose of encouraging educators and students to explore the role technology can play in designing and implementing solutions to some of our most pressing environmental challenges.

ecoTech Grants are specifically offered to engage children in inquiry-based, STEM-related projects that leverage technology and use nature-based design to address environmental problems in local communities.

ecoSolution Grants: intended to support solution-oriented, youth-led projects that result in real environmental outcomes. ecoSolution and trade; Grants are available to educators working with youth in the United States. Grants will only support direct project costs. Support for t-shirts, staff salaries, field trips, scholarships, beautification/ landscaping, etc. will not be considered

Captain Planet foundation $2,500 1.15.19
Ezra Jack Keats Foundation

The EJK Mini-Grant program will fund creative and innovative activity that takes place in class or out in the community, provides an enriched experience, and is funded solely by the EJK Foundation. It is an opportunity for a public-school teacher or librarian to present a special project outside the standard curriculum or an engaging way to help students meet curricular goals. An innovative program can:

  • develop required academic skills in a creative and exciting way.
  • allow educators to collaborate across disciplines.
  • inspire students to work hard toward a desired goal, applying necessary skills and knowledge to the project and the team.
  • involve whole families and bridge generations to benefit the larger community.
  • give children the opportunity to explore their own culture and learn about others.
Mini grant $500 3.31.19

Fresh Films

Tech Grants support the purchase of classroom technology supplies, software, or hardware. Eligible purchases include, but are not limited to: 3D printers, tablets or Dell computers, software, green screens, or hi-tech biology supplies. All K-12 teachers and principals from any discipline who have a demonstrated need for technology are eligible to apply. Winners are selected on a rolling basis throughout the year

Fresh Films $300 12.31.18
Fund for Teachers

The Fund for Teachers enriches the personal and professional growth of teachers by recognizing and supporting them as they identify and pursue opportunities around the globe that will have the greatest impact on their practice, the academic lives of their students, and on their school communities. The Fund for Teachers awards fellowships to pre-K-12 classroom teachers so that they may participate in training and enriching activities that will improve and enhance their skills and capacities as teachers. Applicants must intend to continue teaching in the consecutive school year; have a minimum of three years; teaching experience; and be full-time teachers spending at least 50% of their time in the classroom at the time grants are approved and made.

Support is not provided for student travel, the completion of baccalaureate or post-baccalaureate degrees, on-site professional development, or compensation for substitutes or stipends.

Fund for teachers $5,000 (individual teacher)
$10,000 (team of teachers)

The Homework Gap Grant program provides mobile student Internet connectivity to help low-income students access the same tech resources as their wealthier peers. Schools are awarded 10 Kajeet SmartSpot devices and 10 months of service or one SmartBus device and 10 months of service.

Winners will be selected based on the district or schools current technology program (goals, expectations, plans for expansion, and parent/student involvement) and the determined need for connectivity. Winners cannot be current Kajeet clients. Applicants must illustrate plans for a comprehensive program with goals and metrics in place that will show success after the school year is complete.

 Homework gap grant Technology August 2019 (TBD) Youth Garden Grants, a national nonprofit dedicated to providing inspiration and support for parents and educators who are gardening with children, awards Youth Garden Grants to support school and youth educational garden projects that enhance the quality of life for students and their communities. Any U.S. nonprofit, school, or youth program planning a new garden program or expanding an established one that serves at least 15 youth between the ages of three and 18 is eligible to apply.

The top five programs will receive award packages valued at $2,100. Twenty programs will receive award packages valued at $500. The selection of winners is based on demonstrated program impact and sustainability. In addition to the grant award packages, YGG recipients will become members of the KidsGardening Fellows Program receiving opportunities to promote their programs, network with other grant winners, seek personalized guidance from KidsGardening education specialists, and a special quarterly newsletter.

Youth garden grant $2,100 - $1,000 in cash, the rest in supplies and materials
Second place awards are $500 in materials
Lorrie Otto Seeds for Education Fund

The Wild Ones environmental organization annually awards small grants through the Lorrie Otto Seeds for Education (SFE) Fund. Projects must focus on appreciation for nature through the use of and teaching about native plants. Projects must involve students and volunteers in planning and carrying out the project. Priority will be given to creativity in design.

Seeds for education grant $500 October 15, annually
Lowe's Charitable and Educational Foundation

LCEF grants are intended to provide the tools to help educators and parent groups through educational challenges by providing the greatest impact. Projects should fall into one of the following categories: technology upgrades, tools for STEM programs, facility renovations and safety improvements.

Toolbox for education $2,000 and $5,000 2019 dates to be announced
Mathematics Education Trust

The Mathematics Education Trust (MET), administered by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), supports the improvement of mathematics teaching and learning through the funding of grants, awards, honors, and other projects to classroom-based efforts that benefit all students.

Grant programs include:

  • Fostering Support of Mathematics Learning in Multilingual Classrooms (Pre-K-12)
  • A grant of up to $4,000 will be awarded to a Pre-K-12 school for in-service to increase understanding and expertise in fostering support of multi-language development when teaching mathematics.
  • School In-Service Training Grants (6-8)
  • Classroom teachers receive up to $4,000 for support of in-service programs.
  • Program of Mathematics Study & Active Professionalism Grants
  • Program grant of up to $24,000 will be awarded to a classroom grades Pre-K–6 teacher seeking to improve his/her understanding and appreciation of mathematics by completing course work in school mathematics content and pedagogy working toward an advanced degree.
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Varies by program Varies by program

McCarthey Dressman Education Foundation

Offers two funding streams, academic enrichment, and teacher development. Teacher development grants provides funding to individuals or small teams of teachers in the formation and implementation of groundbreaking K-12 classroom instruction. The grants provide opportunities for teachers to integrate fresh strategies that encourage critical inquiry and to observe their effects on students. Academic Enrichment Grants are designed to develop in-class and extra-curricular programs that improve student learning. Grants are provided for programs that nurture the intellectual, artistic, and creative abilities of children from low-income households.

Multi-year funding is offered. Preference is for programs that benefit low-income students.

Note: A quirky application process that must be started early, as they close the portal as soon as they receive a certain number of proposals. This is often weeks before the official deadline.

McCarthey Dressman Education Foundation


($10,000 a year for three years)


(apply as soon as cycle opens, usually in January)

MTNA Foundation

The MTNA Foundation Fund, established by the Music Teachers National Association, is committed to keeping Americas musical future alive by supporting programs that nurture the creation, performance, study, and teaching of music. Among its grant programs are Teacher Enrichment Grants. This program provides grants to music teachers for private study, specific college-level course work, or projects in performance, pedagogy, music theory, and composition.

MTNA Foundation $750 5.1.19

National Council for the Social Studies

The National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS) is the largest association in the country devoted solely to social studies education. NCSS engages and supports educators in strengthening and advocating social studies at all levels and in all settings. The Council annually honors the outstanding performance of teachers, researchers, and other worthy individuals and programs, and encourages unique and innovative social studies education projects through its award and grant programs. Awards include teaching, curriculum, research, and writing awards, and the grant program supports geography education. Grant programs include:

-NCSS Grant for the Enhancement of Geographic Literacy was created to promote geography education in the schools; to enhance the geographic literacy of students at the classroom, district, or statewide level; and to encourage the integration of geography into the social studies curriculum/classroom.

-Christa McAuliffe Reach for the Stars Award grant is to help a social studies educator make his or her dream of innovative social studies a reality. Grants will be given to assist classroom teachers in: 1) developing and implementing imaginative, innovative, and illustrative social studies teaching strategies; and 2) supporting student implementation of innovative social studies, citizenship projects, field experiences, and community connections.

National Council for the Social Studies



National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Enhancing Student Mathematics Learning through the Use of Tools and Technology Grants (Pre-K-12) will encourage the innovative use of technology and other tools to help teachers and students visualize and concretize mathematics abstractions

Teachers currently teaching mathematics in grades Pre-K-12 and are a member of NCTM are eligible to apply. Materials may include, but not be limited to, books, calculators, tablets, computers, or related equipment as well as professional development in the use of the designated tools and technology. The focus of the proposal should be on the mathematics being taught and innovative uses of the tools and technology. Proposals must include a plan for evaluating materials and the anticipated impact on students learning. Applicants are encouraged to seek matching funds from internal and external sources.

Project activities are to be completed between June 1, 2019, and May 31, 2020. 




National Endowment for the Humanities

NEH offers tuition-free opportunities for K-12 educators and higher education faculty to study a variety of humanities topics. Stipends of $1,200-$3,300 help cover expenses for these one- to four-week programs (see NEH website for listing of summer programs). Other K-12 school-system personnel such as administrators, substitute teachers, and curriculum developers, are also eligible to participate.

summer programs



National Science Teachers Association

The annual Shell Science Lab Challenge Competition recognizes outstanding middle and high school programs for their exemplary approaches to science lab instruction utilizing limited school and laboratory resources. The Challenge will showcase the work of teachers, representing their schools, who submit innovative, replicable strategies to deliver quality lab experiences with limited equipment/resources, and award teachers/schools with additional tools, resources, and rich professional development opportunities needed to support high-quality science teaching and strengthen their existing capabilities.

Middle and high school science teachers (Grades 6-12) in the United States and Canada are eligible to apply (with special attention to urban and underrepresented groups). Teachers and schools submitting top entries will receive additional laboratory tools, resources, and rich professional development opportunities.

Shell Science Lab/


Total lab makeover package value


NEA Foundation

NEA offers Learning and Leadership Grants, which support the professional development of NEA members by providing grants to: Individuals to participate in high-quality professional development like summer institutes, conferences, seminars, travel abroad programs, or action research Groups to fund collegial study, including study groups, action research, lesson plan development, or mentoring experiences for faculty or staff.

Current members of the National Education Association who are educators in public schools or public institutions of higher education are eligible to apply. Education support professionals are encouraged to apply.

Learning and leadership grants

$2,000 and $5,000

Feb 1

June 1

Oct 15

New York Agriculture in the Classroom

New York Agriculture in the Classroom (NYAITC) is a partnership of Cornell University, the NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets, the NYS Education Department, Cooperative Extension, and the New York Farm Bureau. Schools can apply for funds to install one of four different types of grow systems. Schools should apply for the grow system that would best meet their educational goals, classroom space needs, along with experience level in school gardening and curriculum integration.

Also offer an Agriculture Literacy small grants program for up to $1200 to pay for classroom materials, field trips, garden enhancements, etc.

Agriculture Literacy grants


(Grow system)

$1,200 (Literacy)

August, 2019 for new programs and November 2019 for growing programs

Pets in the Classroom

These grants are intended to support pets or aquariums in the classroom for the purposes of teaching children to bond with and care for their pets responsibly. The welfare of the small animals involved is of paramount importance. Teachers in public or private schools from Pre-K to 9th grade level will qualify.

If you meet the qualifications, you will receive a grant. Teachers should make sure that their desired animal is appropriate for their classroom before they apply so they have to switch to a different pet due to allergies or district regulations, which can cause significant delays. Involving students in the decision-making process (having them research and vote on the animal) is beneficial, as well. Support is provided either by a store grant, a rebate, or a yearly maintenance stipend.

Store grants are provided by one of six participating retailers, including PetCo.

Pets in the classroom



Project Learning Tree

Project Learning Tree offers GreenWorks! grants up to $1,000 to schools and youth organizations for environmental service-learning projects that link classroom learning to the real world. Students implement an action project they help design to green their school or to improve an aspect of their neighborhood's environment.

The proposed project must:

  • incorporate service learning
  • exemplify student voice
  • involve at least one community partner
  • secure at least 50% matched funds (in-kind acceptable)
  • be completed in one year.

To be eligible to apply for a grant, applicants must have attended a PLT workshop, either in-person or online, that provides training, lesson plans, and other resources to help integrate these projects and environmental education into your curriculum or youth programs.

GreenWorks! grants


Sep 30, annually

School Garden Grant Program

Safer Brand offers School Garden Grants to schools that want to create and start a school garden. Interested schools should explain their reasoning for a school garden and how they would use the grant. Simple application that is submitted via email.

School Garden grant


Fall 2019

Society of Aviation & Flight Educators, Inc

The Society of Aviation Flight Educators, Inc. is offering four grants designed to encourage K-12 classroom teachers to incorporate aviation-themed lessons into their normal curriculum. Aviation and aerospace topics are the perfect adjunct for teaching science, math, history, and even art. Aviation and aerospace are topics that generate enthusiasm with all types of learners and all ages of students.

An individual teacher or a group of teachers from the same school may apply for a grant to design an aviation-themed classroom unit or complete an aviation-themed project. For example, a SAFE grant could be used to pay for a bus and admission fees to take students to visit an aviation museum, go on a field trip to the local airport, buy materials to build a balsa wood glider or model rocket, or fund another type of project with an aviation or aerospace theme.

Two grants will be for teachers in Grades K-7 and two grant will be for teachers in Grades 8-12.

K12 Classroom Teacher grant


August 2019

Toshiba America Foundation

Toshiba America Foundation (TAF) grants fund the projects ideas and materials teachers need to innovate in their science, technology, engineering, and math classrooms. TAF is interested in funding innovative projects (not just the purchase of computers or tech) designed by teachers or small teams of teachers for use in their own schools and classroom.

Grade K-5 applications are accepted once a year on October 1st. Grade 6-12 applications for $5,000 or less are accepted on a rolling basis, throughout the calendar year, with deadlines of 6/1, 9/1, 12/1, 3/1. Grant requests of more than $5,000 are reviewed twice a year. Applications for grants of more than $5,000 are due November 1 and May 1 each year.

Toshiba grant


Varies by grade level

Walmart Foundation

One funding priority is Education, i.e. providing after-school enrichment, tutoring or vocational training for low income individuals and families in the United States. Foundation focuses on projects that support the areas of After School, Career and College Readiness, Environmental Education, General Education, Interning/Mentoring, and Vocational Education.

Management at the nearest Walmart/BJ's will review the application and make initial funding recommendations on all submitted requests.

Local giving guidelines grant

Up to $5,000