Mental Health Training

Funding Opportunity: Funding for states, counties, tribes, and school districts on school violence prevention and mental health training.

BJA STOP School Violence – Mental Health Training

General: Provides training to teachers and education to students with the intent to prevent student violence and/or to provide specialized training for school officials in responding to related mental health crises that may precipitate violent attacks on school grounds. To include training sessions for teachers and school personnel designed to prevent student violence; education sessions for students with the intent to prevent violence, and training sessions for school officials related to responding to related mental health crises that may precipitate violent attacks on school grounds.

Eligibility: Units of Local Government

Funding: Up to $500,000 for counties over 500,000 in population, $250, 000 for counties between 100,000 – 500,000 in population.  $150,000 for counties with population less than 100,000. Approximately 20-25 awards in each category based on size of county.

Anticipated Release Date: May 2020

Analysis:  This grant should come from the county mental health agency and Sheriff’s office with the county as the lead. 

Eligible Costs:  

Creation and delivery of a multi-disciplinary training program for school personnel (to include volunteers, counselors, coaches, school resource officers, and other individuals working in and around schools) that results in policies and programs that promote successful, safe learning environments. The training should be based on an evidence-based curriculum and adult learning principles, and address critical issues such as mental health, bullying, addiction, and interpersonal violence. Training should be developed in accordance with STOP site grantees’ current legal frameworks and governing policies of grantee.

Creation and delivery of education sessions for students, with the intent to prevent violence against others. Sessions should include best practices for recognizing and responding to potential signs of violence. Note: Scenario training directed at students that incorporates volatile role playing is prohibited. Sessions should be thought-based and not risk traumatizing students with role players assuming violent roles.

Creation and delivery of evidence-based, comprehensive, multi-disciplinary training for school personnel enabling them to respond to mental health crises that may precipitate violent attacks on school grounds. Training should be conducted in consultation with experts such as school violence researchers, licensed mental health professionals, social workers, teachers, principals, public safety and other school personnel

Document all training and education sessions conducted under the award

Work in close coordination with the BJA STOP Training and Technical Assistance provider throughout the life of the grant project, to meet project goals, including sharing materials, resources, data, and best practices.

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