Ontario County Casella Scholarship

The Ontario County Board of Supervisors announced they would again award Casella Environmental Waste Management academic scholarships to qualified Ontario County (applicants must be a resident of Ontario County) college or college-bound students who are pursuing majors in environmental studies, agriculture or agricultural business; including waste management.

Applications (to include references) must be received by March 11, 2022  .  Casella Waste Systems, Inc. has established this 20-year fund to support scholarships to encourage students to pursue college-level studies and careers in the fields of environmental studies, agriculture, and waste management. Each scholarship recipient will be chosen by a team of reviewers by the established criteria.

Recipients are chosen for their outstanding academic records, strong references, and for a well-written essay showing her or his dedication to a career that will support the environment.

Please complete the application including all the attachments, obtain the necessary references and forward all by March 11, 2022, to:

Christopher Semler
Wayne-Finger Lakes
BOCES 131 Drumlin Court
Newark, New York 14513

OR applicants may submit their applications by email to Chris.Semler@WFLBOCES.