Private School Coordination

Private School Coordination

WFL BOCES Coordination with Private Schools Consultation

WFL BOCES develops and writes the consolidated application for some districts at their request.  School districts can also request tailored services, such as coordination with private schools. Below is a list of activities provided through private school coordination of services by WFL BOCES. 

The purpose of this service is to reduce the amount of coordination with each private school from multiple districts.  This efficiency will reduce the current system of multiple districts; in some cases more than a dozen, contacting and coordinating with each private school to one WFL BOCES grant staff.  Billing for services will be split equally between districts.  E.g. two and a half hours of consultation with ABC Parochial, filling out forms, and gaining signatures would be split equally between the six districts who have students at that school, and each district would be billed 25 minutes.

The services provided by WFL BOCES under the Grant Writing COSER include:  

1.      Discussion with the school district on the history of the private school relationship, previous agreements, services normally provided, issues or concerns, and any specifics on how the districts wants the consultation provided.

2.      Request from the Private School a list of addresses and grade levels of students from low-income families and for students who meet the multiple, educationally-related, objective criteria for Title I participation eligibility. (Note: poverty is not to be used for identification of services only to determine the Title I funding allocation.). This will be one contact per private school request all participating districts.

 3.      Consultation Requirements:

a.   Identification of needs of eligible private school students.  (E.g. test scores, or teacher recommendations).

b.   hat services the school district will provide to the private school.

c.   How and when the school district will make decisions on the delivery of services. (Can be during the consultation).

d.   How, where, and by whom the LEA will provide services to eligible private school children.

e.  When, including the approximate time of day, services will be provided; (E.g. provide an AIS instructor Monday and Wednesday from 8:20 – 11:20.

f.  How the school district will assess services provided.

g.   Whether the school district shall provide services directly or through a separate government agency, consortium, entity, or third-party contractor.

h.      Whether to provide equitable services to eligible private school children by combining the funds generated by private school children into one or more pools of funds.

4.      Based on initial discussions with private schools, work with the district to determine a Per Pupil Amount based on current Free and Reduced Lunch rate of poverty if the district desires.

5.  WFL BOCES will provide districts with signed “Written Affirmation of LEA Consultation with Private School Officials” or documentation of good faith efforts.

 6.  WFL BOCES can also set up the pooling of funds with other school districts for private schools within your district.  Please see the attached MOU for more information about pooling of funds.

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