Records Management

Opportunity: Funding for archiving records and establishing records management systems.

Local Government Records Management Improvement Fund (LGRMIF) Grants

General: Provides funds to help local governments establish records management programs or develop new program components.

Eligible Funding Costs:

  • Records-lifecycle management of electronic mail.
  • Disaster Management
  • Historical Records
  • File Management
  • Document Conversion and Access.

Eligibility: Municipalities, school districts, BOCES, and consortiums of eligible organizations.

Anticipated Funding: It is expected that up to $4.5 million in funding will be awarded.

  • Individual grant projects will typically receive up to $75,000.
  • Shared services projects receive up to $125,000 and receive 10 bonus points.

Due Date:  13 March 2020

Suggestions: If you are interested in this funding it is suggested you take the following steps prior to the release of the grant:

  • Inventory your long-term retention documents now.
  • Contact the NYS Archives for a visit – they will and can provide you guidance now that will provide you with a better plan. The Regional Advisory Officer is Sarah Durling, 518-322-2555 or
  • Contact a vendor to schedule a visit from them – they also can help with your planning.
  • If you want project development and grant writing services, let us know early, this is a popular grant.

For More Information:

For Further Assistance: Contact Chris Semler at 585-200-2568 or