In the 21st century, a high school diploma is no longer a credible passport into the world of work.  Without post-secondary education, young people do not have the earning potential to sustain a middle class life style.  In addition to the difficulties faced by individual young adults who are unprepared for college or career, their communities lack the local talent pipeline to sustain and grow the local economy.  The P-TECH 9-14 model was developed to address these two intertwined problems by bringing together K-12 education, higher education and employers to offer an integrated six year program.  

This cross-sector partnership between Finger Lakes Community College and W-FL P-TECH is a unique program element that assures fidelity to the model and provides a vehicle for continuous improvement in instruction and learning. This partnership focuses on students completing a high school diploma, an industry-recognized/cost-free AA/AAS degree, and learning and applying professional and work-based skills readying students for a successful career. 

Our partnership integrates a number research-based components to support students toward completing their first college credential. 

  • Opportunities for students to begin taking college courses no later than 10th grade.
  • College remediation and developmental education are replaced with more effective preparation.
  • Industry focused and work-based learning opportunities that offer motivation and hands-on approaches.
  • W-FL P-TECH Six Year Integrated Scope & Sequence offers a Guided Pathway (SYISS).