Our Goals

Vision: At P-TECH, each student believes in themselves and sees themselves as being successful and able by obtaining the professional skills and knowledge needed to earn employment after graduation.


  • Provide a rigorous and relevant education focused on completing the requirements for a high school Regents diploma and FLCC A.A.S. degree while preparing for career readiness.
  • Focus early on chosen college pathway that leads to successful on-time completion of high school plus earn an A.A.S. degree from FLCC; a multi-year focus and commitment. 
    • Students meet the requirements for a Regents diploma during years 1-4.
    • Students begin college courses in 9th grade completing a portion of the degree requirements during years 1-4 (dual enrollment), and then complete the remainder during years 5 and 6 at FLCC. 
      • Students have up to 6 years to complete the A.A.S. degree; students use years 5 and 6 to complete the A.A.S. degree requirements.
  • Faculty provide levels of support for each student throughout P-TECH career, even while enrolled in college courses. 
    • Use personalized learning and project-based learning to support student progress.
    • Support students during transition process to and while attending FLCC. 
    • Support students during transition process from FLCC to employment. 
  • Students learn and apply professional skills and experience workplace learning readying them for career.
    • Students learn and apply the skills as described in the Student Engagement Rubric.
  • Focus early on identifying career interests within chosen pathway. 
    • High school courses provide opportunities to explore and experience potential careers.