Personalized Learning

Personalized learning benefits our students in several important ways: 

  1. Students learn more and progress faster when the material is at the right level of difficulty and pace for him or her. Personalized learning customizes each student’s education by providing teachers with detailed, computer-generated information about the student’s learning needs and freeing up more time for teachers to teach students individually and in small groups.  
  2. Personalized Learning makes learning more interesting for students. Students still learn from teachers, but they spend just as much time learning from engaging digital content and from each other in collaborative groups. 
  3. Personalized Learning gives students more opportunities to make decisions about how and what they learn, whether through digital content or in a small collaborative group. When students take “ownership and responsibility” over their education they are more engaged and their academic results improve. We use an Engagement Rubric to help and support students develop skills and behaviors associated with “ownership and responsibility”. This rubric also captures the 12 professional skills P-TECH has identified as most important for readying students for the workforce. 
  4. In addition to the benefits for students, personalized learning supports our teachers. While you may have heard about schools using computers to replace teachers, at W-FL P-TECH teachers play an essential and central role in the education of every student. We use technology to help our teachers be more supportive of each student’s learning needs. Teachers have better information about their students and more time to spend on teaching the more difficult concepts, while digital content provides information. 

Personalized Learning Goals

Our school aims to develop the whole child and empower him/her to take ownership of his/her learning by providing him/her with multiple pathways and resources to demonstrate his/her learning. We will focus class time to better meet the individual needs of each student through small group time with the teacher and the use of digital content that adapts to each student’s strengths and gaps. 

It's a Process!

Moving to a Personalized Learning program has and will continue to be a learning process for the whole school and requires the support and patience of everyone involved. Personalized Learning has been a positive impact on our school and with your involvement and support we are confident that this will continue to be a key to increasing student success in learning. 

Three students working together