Student Engagement Rubric

Student Reflection and Ownership

Is a major focus areas as we implement Personalized Learning.  We felt it important to consider how we focus on helping students take ownership of their learning.

With rubric definitions of expectations, we move our students in this direction.  The rubric captures the 12 professional skills P-TECH identified as important for readying students for the workforce.  
As a school, we use the rubric to help focus conversations with students. This has led to great discussions with students (and their parents) as well as provide more insight into how students approach goal setting and holding themselves responsible for their learning and progress.

Teachers use weekly and some as part of their station rotations and direct conferencing with students. 

Student Engagement Rubric:

View the rubric here (pdf)

  • This rubric consists of the following categories:
    • Attitude/Behavior
    • Focus on Project and/or Classwork
    • Contributions in Classes or Working with Others
    • Time-Management (During Group Projects and/or Class Activities)
    • Academic Honesty
  • The weight of the rubric for each course is 20% per marking period.
  • How do we help students improve the skills of ownership in self-assessment?
    • By consistently using this rubric both in practice and with students. 
    • Frequent conferencing with students when they are engaged in their work.

View the rubric