Faculty Directory

At W-FL P-TECH, we strive to provide a comprehensive curriculum designed by expert faculty. The curriculum is comprised of a course sequence in the STEM disciplines (science, technology, engineering and math) and computer, manufacturing and engineering technologies delivered by a faculty of certified, accredited high school and college level instructors. The curriculum is fully aligned with next generation science standards, the New York State Common Core and NYS Higher Education Department. Teachers use technology rich instructional tools and data systems to inform and advance instruction to deliver high-interest, personalized and engaging problem-based learning for students.


Sharon Bassage

Coordinator Science Programs

Jordan Emerson

Instructor Phys Ed

Main Focus - PE/Health

Ruth Engel

Registered Professional Nurse

Tamara Jones

Instructor PTECH

Ingrid Lagoe

Instructor Spec Ed

Jon Lundberg

Instructor PTECH

Main Focus - Science

Michelle Mandery

Instructor PTECH

Main focus - Math

Belinda McElroy

Teaching Assistant

Kathleen McGuigan

Principal PTECH

Emily Palmer


Daniel Poehlein

Instructor PTECH

Main Focus - Math

Katy Poormon


Petrea Rae

Coordinator of Pre-Employment Services

Nicole Sierens

Instructor PTECH

Main Focus - Social Studies

Dawn Smart

Instructor PTECH

Linda Valley


Main Focus - Secretary