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Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES Staff Collaborate with Students for Presentations

Students in Ingrid Lagoe’s freshman English class at Pathways Technology Early College High School (P-TECH) have been reading and analyzing different books to complete presentations on the topic of Youth at War.

This intriguing topic found students pulling out different themes such as resilience, real-world connections, and difficult choices. Students worked in groups and not only presented to fellow classmates, but a panel made up of Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES staff and administrators.

The students’ job was to identify themes and present them to determine ‘Who Had it the Worst’. The panelists took notes on each group and ranked presentations in order to come to a decision on which students sold their argument the best and proved their characters ‘had it the worst’.

Christine Bennett, W-FL BOCES Coordinator of Employee Engagement and former high school English teacher, also teamed up with students as they prepared their presentations. She coached them on different public speaking skills and strategies. She had the students practice and gave them feedback on content and performance before presenting to the panelists on April 5th.

Public speaking is an important yet sometimes fearful skill to master.  Mrs. Lagoe led students through a five-week plan comprehending the novels, working in teams to prepare their message, and growing comfortable presenting to adults and peers.

"We want to ensure our students are ready for the future,” said Bennett. “Bridging connections between the classroom and employment is just one way we make success possible.”

Bennett also works with P-TECH Instructor Tamara Jones and her class of seniors to help them develop interview skills and practice resume-writing and revision.

Pathways Technology Early College High School is a public education model focused on college attainment and career readiness. P-TECH schools span grades 9-14 and enable students to earn both a high school diploma and a no-cost, two-year post-secondary degree in a STEM field. To learn more visit

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