Programs and Pathways

Students will attend, beginning in their 9th grade year, a full-day school located at the Midlakes Middle School. We have built a comprehensive six-year integrated scope & sequence that includes students participating in local, Regents and college-based courses simultaneously. Depending on the Pathway chosen, students will sometimes be with their entire cohort in classes and sometimes with cohort students who have chosen the same pathway.

Information Technology (IT)

The IT pathway provides students with a solid foundation of introductory core courses in programming, networking and security, and computing hardware. Building upon the core courses students choose to specialize in either Networking and Security focus or Web and Multimedia Application Development focus.

Instrumentation and Control Technologies (ICT)

This pathway provides students with multidisciplinary expertise, which addresses workplace demands of emerging technology based businesses. Students learn techniques of automated data acquisition, motion control and machine vision using LabVIEW software and other industry-based technology. They also learn mechatronic skills crucial for automation and robotics such as use of microcontrollers and PLCs.

Mechanical Technology (MT)

This pathway provides knowledge and technical experience that enables to assist engineers with designing, developing, testing, and manufacturing industrial machinery, consumer products, and other equipment. Instruction emphasizes developing technical competence and utilizes computer-aided drafting (CAD). With additional studies, this pathway can also lead to careers in Mechanical Engineering Technology.

Industries Hiring IT graduates

  • Database Administration
  • Help Desk/Technical Support
  • Mobile Applications and Device Management
  • Programming & Application Development
  • Networking
  • Project Management
  • Security Compliance/Governance
  • Web and Multimedia Production

Industries Hiring ICT graduates

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Electrical Generators
  • Electronic Systems
  • Industrial Pumps
  • Photonics
  • Precision Manufacturing
  • Windmills

Industries Hiring MT graduates

  • Drafter
  • Designer
  • Technician
  • Inspector
  • Technical Sales Representative