Students and Parents

W-FL P-TECH is a new model for high school education in our region that includes college-level, credit-bearing coursework in the curriculum and allows students to choose their own “pathways” to high-skill jobs.

With a unique 9-14 model, the goal for our diverse student population is 100% completion of a Regents diploma in four-years and an Associate's degree within six-years.

We Believe

At W-FL P-TECH the center of high quality education is a student-first mindset focused on providing education for the whole person.

Important parts of our school:

Personalized Learning in our school aims to develop the whole child and empower him/her to take ownership of his/her learning by providing him/her with multiple pathways and resources to demonstrate his/her learning. Personalized learning benefits our students in several important ways.

Student Engagement Rubric: Knowing that Student Reflection and Ownership would be one of our foci as we implemented Personalized Learning, we felt it important for us as a faculty to consider how we focus on helping students take more ownership of their learning. With a rubric like this and definitions of the expectations, we could move our students in this direction. This rubric also captures the 12 professional skills P-TECH has identified as most important for readying students for the workforce.

Using technology to support instruction and learning. W-FL P-TECH teachers play an essential and central role in the education of every student. We use technology to help our teachers be more supportive of each student’s learning needs. To help students with their studies each is provided a computer and various online accounts, including Schoology, our online learning management system. 

Code of Conduct: Please take time to review this with your child. At the beginning of each school year, all students review the summary and main points with school administration and faculty. The full Code is available on the W-FL BOCES website. 

Frequently Asked Questions: We try to capture the most asked questions and have posted them with answers on our website. Please contact the school should you have additional questions or need clarification.

Internet safety tips for students:

When using social networking websites, be sure to have your account setting on “private” so that only your friends can view your profile.

Create a username that is gender-neutral and treat anyone you communicate with on the Internet with suspicion.

Tell your parents or an adult you trust about any online harassment/cyber-bullying.  Be sure to document usernames as well as the offensive comments.

It is important to keep your personal information (i.e. real name, address, city, school, phone number) private.  Never give out such information to anyone.  Using this information, hackers could potentially access your computer.

When posting pictures, be aware that everyone will have access to them and use common sense about what is appropriate.  Try to adhere to school dress code policies when considering posting images.  Rule of thumb: don’t post anything you wouldn’t want your parents to see.

Be aware that people can still search you on search engines such as Google for your Social Networking Pages.