For Parents

W-FL P-TECH is unique due to its overall focus on career and college readiness skills, and also because of the amount of parental involvement and commitment that the program requires. A multi-year (grades 9-14) school and commitment, students start in 9th grade and continue with P-TECH and FLCC for up to six-years; students begin college courses in 9th grade completing a portion of the degree requirements during years 1-4 (dual enrollment), and then complete the remainder during years 5 and 6 at FLCC. It is important for parents to be aware of these requirements

Academic success focused on career development is a core foundation of the school. W-FL P-TECH students will be required to complete school and college work during school hours as well as outside of the traditional school day. Parents are asked to support their student and provide time for outside studies to happen.

The W-FL P-TECH culture has high regard and respect for others and are open and accepting of others and their ideas and expect all students to demonstrate the same. As a result, W-FL P-TECH parents are asked to help their child understand and value these expectations.

Communication of student progress is important, parents will be provided access to their child’s grades and assignments as well as can contact the school. Parents understand that students are provided with a computer, which will be their continuous connection with the school. It will be the students’ responsibility to care for this technology as it will be an essential component to building our learning community.