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Mr. Bennett, Principal

Dear RJEC families,

I am pleased to welcome you all to the 2018-2019 school year. This year is a year filled with optimism and promise for our students. Last year was one of the most successful years in our school’s history setting new highs in state test scores while reducing the amount of behavioral interruptions within our day. It was by most measures a very successful year.

This year our focus in the building is innovation. We are trying several new ideas. We have combined two of our speech and language teachers into one room allowing them more opportunities to generate and try new ideas, work with students in larger groups to practice skills learned in individual sessions, and pilot different approaches to language therapy. We are also increasing our team teaching opportunities. We learned last year that our students were very successful in team taught situations using two teachers in a classroom, while maintaining our 6:1:1 ratio. This proved very effective and we are looking at more ways to capitalize on this practice. Multiple classrooms have now been outfitted with Chromebooks. Many classrooms now have a students working throughout their day on computers preparing them for secondary school and beyond. These are only a few examples of changes and innovations we are working on at the Red Jacket Education Center this year.

We welcome all feedback, questions, and comments from our families. Please feel free to contact us at 585-289-9649 at any time with a question. Our goal is to communicate often and work as a team to build the best program possible for your children. It is an honor that you share them with us and it is our pleasure to support them and you along the journey.


Mr. Bennett

We're Doing Great Things!

This year the Red Jacket Education Center partnered with four local districts and a consulting firm Education Elements to implement a methodology of teaching and learning called Blended or Personalized Learning. The concept is rather simple. Today’s students are more technology savvy than any generation in history. Personalized learning attempts to tap into that drive for digital information that already exists in most students. By using sophisticated programs that assess the students current level of understanding, the teacher can then use digital content to provide individualized learning experiences that are more independent in nature, thus freeing up the teacher to provide direct instruction to those students who need the physical face to face contact with the teacher for learning. These programs give continuous data feedback on progress and usually incorporate games with the learning to keep kids engaged.

There are five classrooms currently in our building that have fully taking the training provided by Education Elements. New technology was purchased to support these rooms and “launch” occurred in September. It is too early to tell if the students are showing significant growth, but the early response from students has been very positive. They like the independence, they like the ability to move faster, if they can, through the digital content, they like the games, and the teachers like that when students are engaged heavily in the digital content it allows them the chance to have more one to one face time with classmates who can really benefit from direct teacher instruction.

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