Red Jacket Education Center

Celebrates our student's accomplishments by awarding either a "High Fiver" or "Student of the Month" award.

Criteria required for your child to receive such an award is that our students demonstrate the following for each.

Student of the Month Criteria

1. Attendance is 90% or better for the month

2. Minimal or zero trips to the "cool room" and no major crisis

3. Excellent in-class participation or continuously improving

4. Contributed to the classroom community or continuously improving

5. Maintained our community beliefs of taking responsibility, being safe, and being respectful

High Five Criteria

1. In attendance for all 5 days in the week

2. Zero trips to a "cool room" for crisis or disciplinary action

3. Excellent in-class participation

4. Contributed to the classroom community

Please continue to encourage and support your little star!