Arts-in-Education (402)

This group of services provides a comprehensive and coordinated program allowing participating districts to receive aid on monies they expend locally for activities designed to integrate the arts into education, thus helping students meet the New York State Standards for the Arts.

The Arts in Education CO-SER is unlike others for two reasons:

  1. The sharing requirement is met through participation in the Core and
  2. Activities which are single-district in nature can be aidable.

Menu of Services:

  • Individual artists, performances, workshops and residencies in the following disciplines: dance, visual arts, literature/writing, theatre/performing arts, music, and media arts.
  • Visiting authors/illustrators/storytellers
  • Theatre and film admissions
  • Museum admission (must include an arts related component)
  • Other academically aligned field trips
  • Staff development that involves integrating the arts into the classrooms or improving arts instruction

Arts-in-Education Monies on Account

Districts purchasing BOCES Arts-in-Education Core may designate monies for in-school enrichment programs and admission tickets/visits to cultural organizations when coordinated as school field trips.

Districts must complete an Arts-in-Education Request form with the approving signature of the district's designated AIE representative. Please click the link below to the AIE Request Form.

AIE Request Form

It is important to maintain quality programs in our schools. Your input is very important! After each artist visit, please complete the following evaluation form.

Evaluation Form

Contact Information

Mary Harvey, Enrichment Coordinator