Artists, Vendors and Consultants

The district is responsible to make the initial contact with the artist, vendor or consultant. Once the district has established the time and cost of the program, an Arts-in-Ed Request form must be completed with the approving signature of the AIE Representative in the district. If you should need assistance with finding an arts or enrichment program, the Enrichment Coordinator will be happy to assist the district.

Arts in Education Catalog of Artists

This catalog will become a digital link.  It will be up and running by the beginning of the school.  Please check back.


Artists, Vendor and Consultant Approval

If you are an Artist, Vendor or Consultant who wishes to be listed on this page please submit any flyers or materials to Mary Harvey, for consideration.

All Artists, Vendors and Consultants who are going into a district must:
  • Provide a contract or complete a contract that is provided by the BOCES.
  • Provide an invoice that is billed to Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES, not the district. Consultants and Artists must have an original signature on the invoice.
  • Invoice
  • Provide a W-9 form.