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Project ADEPT


Enrichment opportunities often stop after elementary school, leaving highly-able students in need of opportunities to explore content in-depth, expand their career understanding and interact with their peers. Project ADEPT can answer that need. Enrichment opportunities are provided with recognized experts in appropriate facilities throughout the Finger Lakes region. All programs are Standards-based, with the goal of touching upon all the standard areas in a given year. New programs are added each year.

Popular offerings include:

  • Middle School Mathalon
  • Mock Trials
  • Exploratory Science Series
  • CSI BOCES - Forensics in the Classroom
  • Digitarium Alpha Planetarium
  • Calling All Space Cadets-Rocketry

The goals of Project ADEPT are:

  • To provide an opportunity for gifted and talented elementary, middle and high school students to explore a new subject area or to learn in greater depth about an area of interest.
  • To stimulate gifted and talented students to pursue their motivating interests and aspirations.
  • To enable gifted and talented students to interact directly with recognized experts who may assist them with relevant career-related information.
  • To increase contacts and interaction among similarly inclined gifted and talented students from the different school districts in our region.

Project ADEPT 2021-22 Offerings


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Upcoming events

Middle School Mathalon:

October 22, November 10 and December 10, 2021