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RIPPLES Magazine

RIPPLES is a regional literary and visual art magazine that provides a voice for the thoughts and ideas of our youth. The goal is that this might bring young people, as well as adults, a new means of understanding each other. (This magazine is intended for adult as well as child audiences.) By providing young people with this outlet, new levels of self-understanding can be discovered.

RIPPLES serves as a vehicle that can encourage young people to take their work beyond the classroom; delving into the process of getting their work published as a professional would.

Districts receive:

  • Unlimited K-12 Art literature submissions
  • Student representatives on the selection committee
  • Complementary copy of the magazine for every student selected for publication
  • Complementary copy for teachers who submit published student work
RIPPLES Cover Sheet for 2019 Submissions of Written and Artist Work

All work that is submitted needs to have a cover sheet attached to the work. Please use the link below to download a cover sheet to accompany the submitted work.

RIPPLES COVER Sheet - 2022

Student Selection Committee

If you know of any students who would like to be tasked with reading the written work that is submitted and work with the selection committee to determine what work gets into the magazine, please contact Cassie Gratton, Coordinator of Regional Programs @315-332-7725

Contact Information

Cassie Gratton, Coordinator of Regional Programs

Click the cover below to enjoy this year's edition of RIPPLES Magazine

Ripples Magazine
Student RIPPLES 2021-2022 Submissions

It is not too soon to submit student written and artist work. Click on the flyer below to see the submission deadlines for this year's magazine.

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