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Search Five Systems first. WorldCat will search all libraries, including university libraries.

Mandarin Automation

Please contact us if you'd like any of the following Mandarin How-To Guides:

  • Best Practices for Weeding and Inventory
  • Circulation
  • Conducting Transactions
  • Customized Buttons
  • Deleting and Purging Books
  • Inventory
  • Loans
  • Record Fetch
  • Viewing Data
  • Setting Schedules
  • Searching Items

Follett Destiny

**NEW** Follett Destiny Manager Guides

See how Follett Destiny Collections work

Follett Learning offers library solutions, products, and support

Titlewave provides a free collection analysis


Databases & Automation Products

Through School Library System, you can order high-quality, age-appropriate databases and products to meet your library's unique needs. We also offer the latest hardware and tech solutions to keep your library running smoothly. For descriptions, demos and pricing, please contact us.

What's Included in Media Library?

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