Career Development and Occupational Studies

The CDOS program at W-FL BOCES provides students the opportunity to develop career readiness skills.

Students focus on skills and applications from their academic knowledge to their school community to their home setting that help prepare them to become reliable employees. With the collaboration of area business partners students work hands on to solve problems, develop communication skills and receive career training preparing them for future employment.

In this Section

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Real Work Experience

Many of our programs provide students with opportunities to work at local community businesses, in order to gain valuable work experience.

What We Do


Communication skills are essential for any person to be successful in both employment and in life. Through communication and networking, students develop important skills necessary for success.


Through collaboration with area businesses, students explore career options and participate in work-based learning experiences. These experiences benefit both parties. The student gains meaningful employment experience while the business acquires a dedicated potential employee.


Students build employable skills in a variety of settings and connect these skills to achieve their individualized career goals.


Our philosophy is based upon caring and helping our students be successful in their endeavors, both work related and personal.

Students are supported through the program in such a way that fosters motivation and self confidence while allowing the students to independently problem solve and navigate the expectations of job duties from their respective employers.