Session Breakout Descriptions April 2nd 2020

Thursday, April 2nd AM Sessions



Student-Led Parent Teacher Conferences for Middle Schools
Vince Vitale and Students, Waterloo

Are you looking for a way to get students more involved in your middle school's Parent-Teacher Conferences?  We believe we found a model that does just that.  At this session, we will share our positive experience hosting student-led parent teacher conferences at Waterloo Middle School.


Kids Can Do Anything- Becoming a YouTuber
Christopher Hayden & Toby Coleman, Waterloo
Empire Room

Christopher Hayden and his former 5th grade teacher, Toby Coleman, will share Chris' journey in creating his own YouTube channel with approximately 9K subscribers. This includes creating a plan, personalizing his own learning, and being OK with making mistakes to discover what needs to be done and to learn.


What is eSports?
Jeffery Cheramie & Pete Balaji, Palmyra-Macedon

During this session, attendees will get to see the Palmyra-Macedon H.S. eSports team playing the two games that are supported by WFL BOCES in the Spring season of eSports. Our students will play one quick game of League of Legends and a quick game of Rocket League. While the kids are playing we will shout cast the games and you will be able to get the feeling for an eSports competition that would be similar to the NYS eSports  finals that was played this past January and will be played again in May. You will get to see how the games are played while Pal-Mac’s Coaches will talk about the games. Time will be left for the  students to answer the groups questions about the game and their experiences over the past year of participating in eSports at Pal-Mac.


Marion Students




Piloting Calm Spaces in Elementary Classrooms: How, Why, and What We've Learned
Margo Lacure & Abby Cantello, Marion
Empire Room

Are you interested in developing students' abilities to self regulate and manage their emotions?  Have you thought about offering calming spaces in your classroom or building?  Want to know how calm spaces have worked for others before trying it yourself?  Come hear about our experiences piloting calm spaces at Marion Elementary School.  We'll share our system and methods, the roll-out process and opportunities for refinement. Hear real feedback from piloting teachers and our students, and leave with tools you can use to begin your own pilot group or roll-out.


Fun with Formative Assessments
Susan Grammatico & Christine Knapp, Palmyra-Macedon
Concord Room

Are you and your students tired of the same old routines to check for classroom understanding? If you answered yes join us for an engaging and energizing 50 minutes full of fun ways to energize your class while collecting knowledge.


Building Excited and Independent Readers Through Literature Circles in Grades 2 - 5
Melissa Koepke, Seneca Falls
Cortland Room

Come learn how to get your kids excited about reading through authentic conversations about books! In this interactive workshop, teachers will step into their students’ shoes to learn about expectations for successful literature circles. Learn how to step back and be a facilitator to help students build independence and confidence in their reading comprehension skills!


Integrating TouchMath and TouchMoney Into Any Math Curriculum
Rebecca Hokanson & Emily Wilson, Red Creek
McIntosh Room

TouchMath and TouchMoney are supplemental programs that teach students to use numerals and coins as their manipulatives. Once students learn these strategies they can quickly apply the strategies across the various areas of math. This workshop will target both lower and upper elementary skills and concepts where TouchMath and TouchMoney can be applied.


You're Doing Personalized Learning: Now what?
Laurie Elliott, Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES
Gala Room

 This session will share some practical tips and strategies for creating and managing Personalized Learning activities in the classroom.  We will share helpful hints for Lesson Planning,  Classroom Management and your ideas!   Come ready to share and discuss what works and challenges you're facing!


Rachel Murat
Diamond Room

Thursday, April 2nd AM Sessions



Bring Your Summative Assessments to the Next Level!
Toby Coleman , Waterloo
Empire Room

Change your summative assessment game! Bring your assessments to the next level, driving student engagement, curation and student ownership. A global society calls for students to be collaborators and problem solvers. This session will explore how we can be innovative with our summative assessments to help students build these global skills while demonstrating their understanding and mastery of your content and standards.


Leveraging Technology: Moving Past Substitution
Gordy Baxter, EduTech
Concord Room

Educators will dive deeper into the modification and redefinition levels of the SAMR model as well as examine the PIC RAT model of technology integration to help them move past substitution. We will look at the ISTE Standards for Educators to help map out tasks that transform and empower students. This session is intended for educators that have begun integrating technology and want to move from enhancement to transformation. Participants will work with each other to review their current integration tools and methods, and will find solutions utilizing many of the same tools to further empower students.


Tier 1 Positive Behavior Incentives: Knight Notes and BKCs
Margo Lacure and Melissa Levi, Marion
Niagara Room

Could your PBIS positive behavior systems use a boost?  Are you looking for a system that is sustainable and efficient?  Do you want to learn more about possible pitfalls and how another district has overcome them when developing Tier 1 programming?   This session is for you!  We will walk you through our system for positive behavior recognition at the elementary and Jr/Sr High levels, talk logistics, provide honest pros and cons, and give honest feedback about what we've learned.


Making Personalized Learning Work for You!
Amy Marie Plowe & Amanda Johnson, North Rose Wolcott
Cortland Room

Personalized learning doesn’t have to be difficult.  While many of us have been overwhelmed with implementing this new initiative, there are many little things that we can do to ease into this learning theory.  Learn how we have implemented a variety of personalized learning tactics within our own high school English classroom (although, they can be implemented in any content area).  Walk away with easy to implement ideas that can provide students with choice, empowerment, and variety while still meeting curriculum standards. See our own progression, hear what our students like/dislike, and leave with ideas that are easily implemented in your own classroom!


Using I-Ready Data to support IEP's and PL goals
Roxanne Christensen, Penn Yan & Cindy Salow, Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES
McIntosh Room

Dive into i-Ready data reports and resources to make connections to IEP goals and personalized learning goals.  Learn a process for correlating i-Ready results to support student engagement in IEP and PL learning goals. Leave with forms and data boards for individuals or classes to monitor progress. Explore the standards-based view of diagnostic results to target instruction, intervention or IEP goals.  Learn about the standards-based mastery component of i-Ready to determine if the assessments could be utilized for personalized learning paths or interventions.


Creating Escape Rooms
Sara Thomas, Sodus
Gala Room

In this workshop, participants will learn how to create challenging and engaging escape rooms based on student data, grade-level standards, skills and content. These escape rooms do not require boxes, locks or keys (although they could!) making them perfect for everyone. Whether it's for review, test-prep or spiraling content, building escape rooms enables educators to tailor the learning to the students in front of them. Attendees will learn to build an escape room by working collaboratively in small groups to complete a series of challenges. Additionally, each participant will receive an escape room planner that includes reference sheets for Next Generation Standards (grades 1-6), content and skills ideas, a technology resource sheet, escape room planning pages and a digital copy of a completed escape room!




Collaboration: The Next-level in PL
Jared Wigden, Penn Yan
Concord Room

Unleash the power of your students' independence through collaboration.  Participants will be able to implement strategies for effective student collaboration and consider multiple student collaboration assessment types.


Interactive Learning Structures
Jamie Wagner, Geneva
Empire Room

If you find yourself looking to increase student engagement and agency come add tools to your PL toolbox beyond playlists, station rotations, and common interactive learning structures such as jigsaw and four corners. This session will expand your knowledge of highly effective interactive learning structures. You will leave with ideas that you can use immediately to help students engage in the content you teach, develop and use critical social-emotional skills, and increase student talk in your classroom.


Strength-Based and Creative Engagement Strategies 
Sarah Marchitell & Caitlin Garvey, Clyde-Savannah
Niagara Room

Learners will participate in creative & strength-based problem solving to increase student engagement and achievement. Learners will work with real-life examples to identify barriers to student engagement & achievement as well as develop an instructional plan targeted to the needs of the students.


MTSS and Personalized Learning:  Meeting the needs of Every Child
Laurie Elliott & Kristin Defeo, Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES
Gala Room

In this session, learn how Multi-Tiered Structures of Support (MTSS) and Personalized Learning (PL) are interwoven systems that create powerful learning in today's classroom.  Walk away with strategies for using data to create targeted instruction and using student reflection and ownership to engage and empower today's learner.  Join us as we examine how to integrate MTSS and PL to make success possible for the students in our region.


Authentic technology use for SWD and IEP Data Collection
Terianne Payton, Red Jacket
Cortland Room

The workshop will focus on students taking a larger role in designing their IEP, tracking their goals through Google Forms, and create presentations for their CSE meeting. Additional side notes will include using forms to track student behaviors. This session will show examples of my students presentations at their CSE and how they track their goals throughout the year in 10 week increments. Then I will demonstrate how I use that data to report on progress notes. I collaborate with the students to use charts and graphs for their CSE meeting to demonstrate growth. Teachers should bring an IEP for a current student and a laptop. They will need a Google account to access Google Classroom,  Forms and Slides.


eSports?! Is this a real thing?
Jeffery Cheramie and Pete Balaji, Palmyra-Macedon
Niagara Room

During this session, attendees will learn about the new field of Sports. The Coaches from the Palmyra-Macedon H.S. will present information about: What is eSports? How to get started? What is Shout Casting? and all of the intricacies of starting up an eSports team in your school and provide ways for you to get ready for the Fall of 2020 season.