What We Believe

The Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES Staff Development Team is committed to leading the region in forward-thinking and innovative approaches that impact the achievement of all learners. We provide support and professional development to make success possible for all learners.


We believe in the reciprocity of communication.
  • Listen intently
  • Be mindful of the words we choose and the tone we use
  • Presume positive intentions


We believe in serving the region as reflective leaders that partner with districts to support continuous improvement.

  • Find ways to lead and/or facilitate
  • Inspire others in the change process
  • Stay on the cutting edge of current educational trends


We believe we are stronger together!

  • Collaborate to build strong relationships
  • Recognize the value of multiple perspectives
  • Respect and appreciate unique contributions


We believe risk-taking is key to becoming a lifelong learner.

  • Innovation requires risk-taking
  • We learn from our mistakes
  • Experience is the best teacher


We believe that the passion for learning is paramount to awaken the potential of lifelong learners.

  • Everyone can learn and grow
  • There are multiple pathways for learners to succeed
  • Curiosity inspires lifelong learning