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Jessica Sheridan
Director of Staff Development


Jessica is the Director of Staff Development for Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES.  She believes that all students can learn and deserve an environment that allows them to thrive.  To accomplish this, she works with her BOCES team to provide strategic support to teachers and leaders in both instruction and social and emotional learning. Jessica’s passion for education and desire to make a regional impact has led her to serve on the Genesee Valley ASCD Board of Directors, as well as the SCDN Mathematics Statewide Framework group, in which she served as the co-chair from 2017-2023.  Jessica began her college and career path at Mansfield University where she studied Elementary Education.  In an effort to reach more students, including those with varying needs and backgrounds, she received her Master’s in Inclusive Childhood Education from Nazareth College. After nomination from her principal, Jessica continued her education at the University of Rochester and gained her SBL and SDL leadership certificates. Prior to becoming Director of Staff Development, Jessica was the Coordinator of Regional Math Initiatives, a mathematics coach and a classroom teacher.  Follow Jessica on Twitter: @jessica_WFL.

Kristin DeFeo

Kristin DeFeo
Multi Tiered Systems of Support Coordinator


Kristin is a MTSS (Multi Tiered Systems of Support) Coordinator for WFL BOCES.  Kristin has been in education for 23 years and is certified in Elementary Education (N-6 – SUNY Fredonia), as a Literacy Specialist (K-12 – Nazareth College – Master’s Degree), and attended SUNY Oswego and obtained her CAS in Education Administration (SBL and SDL).  She has various classroom experience including teaching 1stgrade, and 2nd grade, co-teaching for seven years, working as a Literacy Specialist for PreK-2 and then 5-8 Instructional Coach, and was a Middle School Assistant Principal for five years.  Kristin has focused her career on building relationships and supporting students both academically, and socially/emotionally.  She has extensive experience working with data to strategically support all students, and has lead core PBIS, RTI, and MTSS teams.  She is thrilled to continue her work with MTSS to support the schools/students in our region.

Erica Ebert
Staff Development Trainer for Social Emotional Learning


Erica Ebert began her career as a High School English teacher. After leaving the English classroom, Erica worked at: BOCES 2 as a Professional Development Specialist, WEMOCO (Career & Tech) as an Instructional Specialist and, before joining WFL as the Staff Development Trainer for SEL Erica developed and led the Mindfulness exploration in the Webster CSD. The development of that exploration led Erica to speak and introduce Mindfulness regionally and nationwide. Erica is a Certified MBSR teacher through Brown University.  Follow Erica on Twitter @ebert_erica.


Hilary Chaya
Staff Development Trainer  


Hilary Chaya has been an educator for over 18 years.  She began her career as an instrumental music teacher for 9 years, then moved into administration where she has proudly spent the last 8 years as a High School Assistant Principal and Instructional Coach.  Other leadership experiences have included coordinator of professional development and district mindfulness initiatives.  As a fierce advocate for public education and our underserved students and their families, Hilary’s leadership focus has been on educating the whole child and the whole staff member.  Hilary will leverage this focus to lead personalized learning and student empowerment work at Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES.  Throughout her career, Hilary has placed great emphasis on collaboration, authenticity, relationships, and – most importantly – humor.  She is a graduate of Ithaca College, Teachers College – Columbia University, and SUNY Oswego.

Rachel Wizeman


Rachel provides secretarial support to the Staff Development Team, Arts in Education and Upstate Institute.

Theresa Patchen
Coordinator of Regional Math Initiatives


Theresa’s primary responsibility is to provide support to mathematics teachers and leaders throughout the Wayne-Finger Lakes region. She has been in education for 25 years, teaching for 23 years in the Waterloo Central School District and 2 years in Las Vegas. Out west, she taught first grade with a co-teacher. In Waterloo, she was a 6th Grade Math Teacher for 7 years, then transitioned to the intermediate building to be a Math Intervention teacher for the past 16 years. Theresa’s undergrad work was at SUNY Cortland (go Red Dragons!) majoring in Elementary Education. She completed her Master’s through Walden University in Middle Level Education. Theresa also attended Penn State to receive a Math Coaching Certificate. Theresa has a passion and enthusiasm for Math that she enjoys sharing with others!  

April Seeley smiling

April Seeley
Staff Development Trainer


April’s chief professional responsibility is to serve as a coach for math and science teachers, as well as to provide instructional support, resource gathering, and targeted professional development. April is highly motivated with over fifteen years of classroom experience. Her passion for learning new technology and implementing the most promising research-based strategies has led to success in teacher development and improvement in practice, as well as student academic achievement. Her desire to be in education led her to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology with a Quad-Inclusive Certification from Nazareth College of Rochester and a Master’s Degree in Literacy from SUNY Geneseo. To make a lasting impact on future generations, April decided to pursue a School Building Leader and School District Leader certification from the University of Rochester. April is excited to impact positive changes across the Wayne- Finger Lakes region and believes that if we want to go far, we have to go together. Follow April on Twitter @MrsSeeley1.

Melissa Reeves
Staff Development Trainer


Melissa Reeves is a Staff Development Trainer for Restorative Practices and MTSS. Prior to coming to BOCES, she completed her undergraduate and graduate coursework at Nazareth University and then began her career teaching secondary mathematics for many years in the region. Melissa continued her education at the University of Rochester to pursue her leadership certificates (SBL and SDL) and proudly served as an Assistant Principal and District MTSS Coordinator from 2021 to 2024. Her passion is ignited by supporting the whole child and integrating SEL, mental health, equity, and mindfulness. Melissa is excited to be on the Staff Development Team and looks forward to helping the region grow. Follow Melissa on Twitter @MsMelissaReeves

Betsy Serapilio-Frank

Betsy Serapilio
Regional Literacy Coordinator


In addition to providing staff development for educators in our region, Betsy serves as a literacy coach in multiple districts. For the past several years, Betsy has traveled to Albany on a regular basis to participate in NYSED Network Team Training. This allows her to be current on the demands of the Common Core Standards, Data Driven Instruction and Teacher/Principal Effectiveness. As a result, she supports districts in their work with the ELA modules, assessment writing, and data collection. Betsy conducts literacy audits and assists teachers and administrators in the development of curriculum, benchmark assessments and schedules that promote literacy.

Lisa Brockhuizen
TCI Trainer


Lisa is a school psychologist who has worked for the Wayne Finger Lakes BOCES since January 1991.  For the majority of her time, at the WFL BOCES, she worked with our P16 Social Skills Development program supporting children and families.  Her passion has been working with youth with strategies that support them both emotionally and academically.  Through this work, she strives to help other educators create not only a safe environment, but also one that promotes growth and development of Social and Emotional learning. She is a certified trainer for Therapeutic Crisis Intervention through Cornell University.  Part of Lisa's work includes supporting both the P-16 sites and the region with Therapeutic Crisis Intervention training.   Lisa is a licensed trainer through International Institute of Restorative Practices.  She believes that the philosophies behind these practices is the most powerful way to develop a sense of safety for both staff and students to grow both academically and emotionally, while building a community of trust.   Currently, she uses her years of experiences and expertise in the area of social emotional learning and crisis intervention to partner with fellow educators across the WFL BOCES region.

Jacqui O'Hora
Professional Development Registrar


Jacqui oversees and coordinates all professional development workshop/conference registrations for both internal W-FL BOCES employees and participants from our 25 component districts as well as outside districts and agencies.

Melissa Seaman
Conference Coordinator


Melissa oversees all workshops and other events scheduled at The Conference Center at Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES.  She also manages consultant contracts that run through the Staff Development office.