Occupational and Physical Therapy Services

What We Do

Physical and occupational therapists provide direct therapy, consultation,evaluation and screening.  Occupational therapists focus on fine motor skills, self help and adaptive skills. Physical therapists focus on gross motor skills and mobility.

Direct service consists of individual or group sessions with a frequency determined by the C.S.E. A prescription by a physician is required.

Therapists also collaborate with classroom teachers, other staff members, parents and each other to design activities that can be implemented in the classroom and at home.

Physical Therapy Services include activities that address:

  • Mobility
  • Transitional movements
  • Posture

Occupational Therapy Services include activities that address:

  • Activities of Daily Living
    • Feeding and eating skills
    • Dressing skills
    • Hygiene skills
    • Domestic living skills
  • Educational and Work Activities
    • Fine motor/visual motor
    • Functional communication; handwriting, computer use
    • Positioning
    • Pre-vocational tasks
    • Socialization skills
    • Play and Leisure Activities

Occupational therapy may be needed for example to acquire appropriate eating utensils for a child or teach classroom personnel how to use the equipment or to teach classroom staff how to adjust a lap board for a student who uses the lap board for writing activities. Physical therapy may be needed for example to teach transfers from a wheelchair to a chair or restroom facilities

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Our Mission

To provide the very best tools, information and, educational support for students and families.

Therapeutic Crisis Intervention

All staff at the Wayne Education Center are trained in Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI). TCI teaches staff how to respond to students in crisis. The use of TCI is key to maintaining a safe school environment that promotes grown and development.