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WTCC Spotlight

WTCC SkillsUSA Regional Award Winners
Peter Boldt

On March 3, 2020, students from the Wayne Technical and Career Center (WTCC) in Williamson participated in the SkillsUSA Regional Competition held at Alfred State College. Triana Burgos-Farnan, Penn Yan won first place in Animal Careers and Connor McVey, Williamson won first place in Technical Drafting.

Triana Burgos-Farnan took a written knowledge test assessing general knowledge of basic animal care skills. Triana was required to know medical terminology and abbreviations.

The second portion of the contest was a series of workstations in which Triana had to demonstrate her knowledge of animal breeds, body language, health care skills. Triana was also tested on her ability to apply various restraints.  Triana was required to identify the following: dog breeds;  livestock breeds; external and internal structures of the heart; syringe and needles; parasite ova from a microscope slide; abnormal TPR values; external parasites, large and small animal; directional terminology and body planes; bones in a dog and pig skeleton; and surgical instrument in a spay pack.

Connor McVey took a written knowledge test assessing technical drafting general knowledge. The contest assessed Connor’s ability to create 3-D models and extract properly scaled 2-D view from those models for placement and annotation on standard inch or metric sized drawing sheets. To create 3D computer models of mechanical parts, Connor used sketches, solids and Boolean operations of union, subtraction and intersection to build a model geometry.  Connor also used mass properties commands to determine part weight, mass, center-of gravity.

This year’s NYS SkillsUSA Leadership and Skills Championships will be held at the New York State Fairgrounds in Syracuse, April 22-24th. 

Quarterly Quality Students-2nd Quarter
Peter Boldt

The following students have earned Quarterly Quality Student (QQS) awards at the Wayne Technical and Career Center (WTCC) in the second quarter. Students have been recognized by their instructors for demonstrating exceptional skills in the following areas: Communication Skills, Personal and Workplace Behaviors, Quality Process Skills, and Specific Technical and Career Skills.

Clyde-Savannah: Arielle Decker, Animal Science; Mikala Dickens, Culinary Arts; Dominick Herbster, Auto Technology; Connor Wright, Electrical Trades

East Rochester: Vincent Fagan, Conservation 

Gananda: Hannah Bridson, Health Professions; Hunter Reynolds, Computer Programming and Video Game Design; Matthew Robinson, New Vision Medical Careers; Caleb Terry, Carpentry

Lyons: Alyssa Gibbs, Health Therapy Sciences                                                     

Marion: Emily Acosta, Cosmetology; Marlayna Wertz, Health Therapy Sciences

Newark: James Brownell, Auto Technology; Haleigh Casler, Culinary Arts; Ailla Correa, Cosmetology; Dakota Hall, Cosmetology; Devon Harmon, Computer Programming and Video Game Design; Raeana Howard, Health Professions; Sheridan Verstraete, Criminal Justice; Kyle Welsher, Auto Body Repair

North Rose-Wolcott: Cove Batzold, Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering; Lauren Bullard, New Vision Veterinary Assistant; Hunter Davenport, Culinary Arts; Zachary Gilbert, Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering; Aubrey Liseno, Health Professions; Elizabeth O’Neil, Animal Science; Bryn Perrotta, Professions in Education & Human Services; Jorden Rodas, Professions in Education & Human Services; Paige Starczewski, Cosmetology; Isabelle Steverson, Criminal Justice

Palmyra-Macedon: Charley Dinehart, Culinary Arts; Dylan Dollar, Criminal Justice; Andrew Grasser, Computer Programming and Video Game Design; Katelynn Lewis, Computer Programming and Video Game Design; Rilei Neville, Criminal Justice; Tyler Parsons, Carpentry; Gage Turner, Electrical Trades; Madeline VanGorden, New Vision Medical Careers                                        

Red Creek: Marina Bradley-Parsons, Professions in Education & Human Services; Amber Farr, Cosmetology; Ethan Humbert, Electrical Trades; Reanne Santiago, Cosmetology; Joshua Searle, Auto Technology; Michael Stanley, Electrical Trades; Joshua Whiting, Conservation                                  

Sodus: Justin Datthyn, Power Mechanics; Sebastian Larkin, Auto Body Repair

Wayne: Jesus Aguilera, Power Mechanics; Joshua Burke, Culinary Arts; Jacob Cheesman, Power Mechanics; Cory Cook, Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering; Daniel DiGravio, Electrical Trades; Jade DiSalvo, Culinary Arts; Heath Hartgrove, Electrical Trades; Jarad Knox, Auto Body Repair; Zakery Lieberman, Auto Body Repair; Matthew Prentice, Computer Programming and Video Game Design; Michael Prizzi, Conservation; Maya Rush, New Vision Medical Careers; Jalynn Salter, Health Professions; Kacie Stalder, New Vision Medical Careers; Jonah Stumpf, Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering; Dakota Tigue, Power Mechanics

Williamson: Erma Beckwith, Health Professions; Ryan Fernaays, Criminal Justice; Mary Gilley, Criminal Justice; Trent Howard, Auto Body Repair; Connor McVey, Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering; Austin Steurrys, Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering; Laurel Taft, Animal Science; Jeff Vos, Carpentry

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