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WTCC Spotlight

Advanced Atomization Technologies-Open House on January 25th from 9 a.m.-noon.
Peter Boldt

On Friday, January 17th, Richard Hill, Workforce Development Coordinator for Advanced Atomization Technologies (AA Tech) in Clyde presented to Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering; and Power Mechanics students.

Advanced Atomization Technologies will be holding an Open House on January 25th from 9 a.m.-noon. Students are invited to attend along with family members. There will be a complimentary breakfast and tour of the manufacturing floor. To reserve a spot students should see their instructor or call 315-902-5263 or by email to careers@advancedatomization.com

The AA Tech Intern Recruitment Program will offer job shadowing days February 18th-20th or April 7th-April 9th from 8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. each day.

Advanced Atomization Technologies designs, produces, and supports fuel nozzles for some of the most powerful and efficient GE, CFM, and Engine Alliance gas turbine engines in the world. Source: https://advancedatomization.com/

Advanced Atomization Technologies has yearly bonuses, tuition assistance and various growth opportunities.

AA Tech Open House on January 25th
RADEC Presentation in Electrical Trades
Peter Boldt

On January 14th, Tom Redmond, Executive Vice President of RADEC Electric, Rochester, NY presented to afternoon students in Electric Trades on the career opportunities at RADEC Electric.

Career opportunities at RADEC include: an electrician helper, apprentice electrician, journeyman electrician, service technician, field manager and project manager.

RADEC Electric has worked on numerous commercial and residential projects including: PAETEC; Regal Cinema at Eastview Mall; Frito Lay Distribution Center in Henrietta; Eastman Kodak-Janas Project; Highland Hospital; St. Ann’s Home; Rochester Institute of Technology-Student Housing; Global Village at Rochester Institute of Technology; Alfred State College Townhomes;  Scott Miller Salon in Pittsford.

Some of the benefits of working for RADEC Electric include tuition assistance, advancement opportunities, project and yearly bonuses, medical benefits, matching retirement incentives.  RADEC Electric strives to limit employee work weeks to 40 hours a week, allowing quality time with family and friends.  

Tom Redmond discussed the importance of being alcohol and drug free in the workplace and the importance of safety in the electrical field. Employees at RADEC do not work on live circuits. In addition, RADEC requires all of its electricians to have OSHA 10 training. All students in the Electrical Trades program at WTCC may earn their OSHA 10 card from the instructional team of Jim Buck, instructor and William Kise, teacher assistant.

Tom Redmond, also supports the program as an Electrical Trades Consultant Committee member. Consultant Committee members review the curriculum and offer suggestions on how to improve the quality of the program so that students are ready to enter the workforce upon graduation.

Wayne County Sheriff K-9 Unit Demonstration
Peter Boldt

On Tuesday, December 17th, Wayne County Sheriff Officer, Nicholas Yates of the K-9 unit brought his partner, Noris to WTCC to visit with afternoon Animal Science and Criminal Justice students.