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QQS Award Winners at WTCC-2nd Quarter

The following students have earned Quarterly Quality Student (QQS) awards at the Wayne Technical and Career Center (WTCC) in the second quarter. Quarterly Quality students have been recognized by their instructors for demonstrating exceptional skills in the following areas: Communication Skills, Personal and Workplace Behaviors, Quality Process Skills, and Specific Technical and Career Skills.

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Our goal at WTCC is to provide high quality, comprehensive technical and career programs to the high school students living in Wayne County.

About WTCC

The Wayne Technical and Career Center (WTCC) offers state-of-the-art programs to over 450 students from 11 school districts in Wayne County.

AM session: 8:38-11:08 a.m.

PM session 12:13-2:43 p.m.

To enroll or visit, students are urged to contact their home guidance counselor.

A Day at WTCC

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Craig Logan, Wayne Technical and Career Center Principal, 315-589-2600

Adam Smith, Wayne Technical and Career Counselor, 315-589-2645


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