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Senator Helming Visits WTCC
Amanda Airth

Friday, April 23 was a beautiful day for a visit from Senator Helming at our Wayne Technical and Career Center in Williamson! She came out and spent some time touring the Carpentry program's Habitat for Humanity house. Students in the program have been building the house in collaboration with the Habitat for Humanity of Wayne County. Upon completion, the house will be moved to its permanent location in Newark where the final phase of construction will take place.

Many projects the students participate in require involvement from multiple programs to see it through to completion. For the Habitat for Humanity house, Carpentry has worked in sync with Electrical Trades to be able to offer hands-on experience for the students, as well as equip the house with what it needs to be completed in a timely manner once it is moved from the WTCC campus. Senator Helming also visited with the Electrical Trades program for a tour of the newly remodeled classroom and booths where students are honing their skills in preparation for their participation on the Habitat House. 

We can't thank Senator Helming enough for her support and time visiting with us!


Niagara Falls Culinary Institute Demonstration at WTCC
Peter Boldt

On April 15th, Executive Chef Ben Loomis and Hospitality Instructor, Daniel Dipirro of the Niagara Falls Culinary Institute presented to juniors and seniors enrolled in the Culinary Arts Program of the Wayne Technical and Career Center.

Executive Chef Ben Loomis and Daniel Dipirro gave an overview of the Niagara Falls Culinary Institute including course offerings in baking, culinary and hospitality. They also discussed the Savor Restaurant, an upscale student-run restaurant, open to the public in which students learn all facets of the business.

Executive Chef Ben Loomis and Daniel DiPirro then taught students how to make dipping dots and ice cream from liquid nitrogen. Culinary Arts students were also show how to make banana fosters.

The Wayne Technical and Career Center’s Culinary Arts Program is taught by Chef Brad Yearwood and Chef Brian Mattice.

To learn more about the Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts divisions of Niagara Falls Culinary Institute visit www.niagaracc.suny.edu/htca


Mini Ark Farms Presents at WTCC
Peter Boldt

On Wednesday, April 14th an exotic animals presentation was given by Mini Ark Farms to students attending the Wayne Technical and Career Center (WTCC). Sally Reeves, Exotic Animal Program Coordinator for Mini Ark Farms presented along with Barb Cowley and Bailey Montondo. The goal of Mini Ark Farms is to teach students to have respect for all animals.  

Some of the various animals that students had an opportunity to learn about included: an alligator, an armadillo, blue tongue skink, buffo toad, chameleon, fennec fox, hedgehog, prairie dog, skinny pig, tortoise, turtle, ring tailed lemur, stick bugs and a tarantula. 


Mini Ark Farms works in partnership with the World of Wildlife Educational Encounters (WOWEE). To learn more about Mini Ark Farms and WOWEE, visit www.miniarkfarm.com and www.woweewildlife.org

The event was coordinated by students and staff in the Animal Science and New Vision Veterinary Assistant programs. To show their appreciation for Mini Ark Farms visiting, students at WTCC donated various items to Mini Ark Farms including paper products and pet food.



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