Student Awards

Student Award documents below. Please contact Ms. Cosat at with any questions you may have.

Instructions for Student Award Application (Due May 8th)

Student Award-Teacher Recommendation Form (Due May 14th)

Outside Student Award Recommendation Form (Due May 15th)

Instructions for  WTCC Student Award Application

1.Compose a type-written award application document, ½ to 1 page in length, that includes the following:

-1-2 paragraphs reflecting upon your experiences, accomplishments, and achievements at WTCC

-1 paragraph describing your post-graduation plans.

-If you are going on to college or a trade school, include the name of the college or institution to which you have been accepted and plan to attend. If you have been accepted to multiple colleges or institutions but have not decided on one, note the names of those sites.

-If you have been accepted into the military in the delayed entry program, please indicate that and name the branch of service that you have enlisted in.

2.Prepare/update your resumé.

3.Ask your WTCC program teacher to complete the WTCC Student Award – Teacher Recommendation form on your behalf.

4.Submit your completed award application document and resumé no later than Friday, May 8, 2020 (earlier if possible). Submit documents by e-mail to Jeanne Cosat at and to your WTCC program teacher via Google Classroom or BOCES e-mail (however specified by your program teacher).

5.Request a letter of recommendation from someone outside of WTCC. Since we are a technical and career center, the priority is for a recommendation related to a “work” environment. Preferred recommendation sourcing is as follows:

1)If you have a paying job (whether or not it relates to your career program) or have had an internship or clinical rotation (paid or unpaid), the letter should come from someone that you have worked for or someone who has a supervisory or direct working knowledge of you, your work, your work ethic, etc.

2)If you cannot exercise option 1, but you have worked as a volunteer, then the letter should come from someone who has supervised you or worked with you in that capacity.

3)If you cannot exercise option 1 or 2, then the letter should come from someone who knows you well. The letter of recommendation should not come from someone who knows you only as a relative or family friend. Provide this person with the following:

-The WTCC Student Award Recommendation form.

- A copy of your completed award application document and/or resumé for their reference.

- ue to CoVid19 school closures, references may be submitted

- by USPS to Jeanne Cosat, 490 Sherborne Rd, Webster, NY 14580

- by e-mail to

6.All Student Award forms may be obtained electronically from your Tech Program instructor or via e-mail request to Ms. Cosat at

7. If you have any questions/concerns/comments, please feel free to contact a member of the WTCC Student Award Selection committee. Committee members are as listed below:

- Ms. Jeanne Cosat, Technical Math Instructor

- Mr. John Erwin, Power Mechanics Instructor

- Mr. Peter Kelley, Carpentry Instructor

- Mr. Adam Smith, Guidance Counselor

- Ms. Jan Soper, Automotive Technology TA