New Vision Health Therapy Sciences

Instructor: Dr. Darren Pearson 

NVHTS student taking blood pressure

Program Goal: The New Vision Health Therapy Sciences program is designed to enable high school seniors the opportunity to intensely investigate future professional career options within the fields of health, exercise science, and personal training. Both theory and hands-on experience are included in this exciting program.

Curriculum: This program will allow students to explore, learn and examine concepts, material and procedures in the areas of Anatomy & Physiology, Nutrition, Exercise Science and English. This is intended to give the dedicated student a look into the areas of healthcare based on movement, exercise and nutrition.  Through the lens of in-depth study and vocational discovery come enhanced career and college focus. 

The foundational course will be Fundamentals of Anatomy.  This is a very challenging study of the structure and function of the human body. Anatomy and Physiology is a healthcare essential course that is a pre-requisite for further study.

Introduction to Nutrition exposes the student to the field of human nutrition and food focused on the mutual relationships between humans and their biological and physical environment.

Physical Education credits are also provided as various exercise methods are practically explored for performance, health and rehabilitation of injuries and ailments.           

The ability to effectively read, write, speak and perform research are necessary skills demanded in the area of healthcare.  English Composition 101 and 103 will challenge the students in these areas.     

Career exploration rotations will be completed during the school year, these will be observational in nature. Each student is expected to uphold a professional approach and seek optimal understanding through interactions with professionals in the field.  Rotations will take place in affiliated clinics, private practices, and other health settings. 

Curriculum Areas/Units of Study:

·        Orientation to the Human Body

·        Chemistry/Biochemistry

·        Cytology/Histology 

·        Bone Tissue and the Skeleton

·        Muscle Tissue and the Muscular System

·        Nervous Tissue and the Nervous System

·        Special Senses

·        Digestive System

·        Endocrine System

·        Blood

·        Cardiovascular System

·        Respiratory System

·        Urinary system, electrolyte, fluid and pH balance

·        Reproductive systems, Mendelian genetics, development

·        Nutrition Tools – Standards and Guidelines

·        Performing scholarly research, producing annotated bibliographies and final research documents.

·        Nutrients, Physical Activity, and The Body’s Responses


·        The Human Body

·        Carbohydrates

·        Lipids

·        Proteins

·        Vitamins

·        Water and Minerals

·        Energy and Metabolism

·        Food Safety

·        Diet and Health

·        Life Cycle Nutrition

·        Immune and lymphatic systems

·        Food Choice and Human Health

·        Hunger and The Global Environment

·        Critical reading skills of evaluating, marking, and annotating texts.

·        Stages of generating, drafting, and revising writing as the process steps for major writing assignments.

·        Concepts of writing to reflect, inform, and analyze.



Program Admissions: Students apply to the New Vision Health Therapy Sciences program during their junior year. Program requisites include:

·        Three years of Regent’s Math, Science, English and Social Studies


·        Completion of an application including well-written short answer questions and recommendations from a high school counselor, science and Math teacher

Dual Credit: Finger Lakes Community College (NS 115: Introduction to Nutrition; ENG 101: Composition I; ENG 103: Composition II; BIO 110: Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology)

High School Credit: Physical Education

Job Outlook (US Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook):

·        Physical Therapist-$87,930 Median Pay; 28% Growth

·        Physical Therapist Assistants and Aides-$48,090 Median Pay; 30% Growth

·        Occupational Therapist- $84,270 Median Pay; 24% Growth

·        Occupational Therapy Assistants and Aides-$57,620 Median Pay; 28% Growth

·        Athletic Trainers-$47,510 Median Pay; 23% Growth

·        Exercise Physiologists-$49,270 Median Pay; 13% Growth

·        Fitness Trainers and Instructors-$39,820 Median Pay;10% Growth

·        Dietitians and Nutritionists-$60,370 Median Pay; 15% Growth