New Vision Medical Careers


New Vision Medical Careers

Jessica Shaver, Instructor

Program Goals:

The New Vision Medical Careers (NVMC) program is a one-year program offered to high school seniors who are high academic performers with an interest in the medical field.

This placement provides seniors with the opportunity to explore the medical profession within an interdisciplinary environment.

Admission to the program is highly selective with a strict vetting process for acceptance into the program, including; prior Regents work, high academic performance, community service, and recommendations from counselors and math and science teachers.

New Vision Medical Career students intend to transition to pre-med, nursing, physician assistant, physical therapy, diagnostic imaging, speech and occupational therapy studies, as well as, other areas of traditional medicine.

The goal of this one year academically intensive program is to learn theory and practice:

  • College level human anatomy and physiology (Biology 110 Gemini)
  • College level medical terminology (HCS 154 Gemini),
  • College level English Composition 101/103
  • Development of critical thinking skills
  • Discussing complex case studies
  • Learn the scientific method as it applies to clinical practice in multiple disciplines.

Students are also offered certification in 21st Century Skills (Precision NY), BLS/First Aid, A&P, and Health Care Sciences.



Students observe 2 days per week at Newark-Wayne Community Hospital as part of the RRH in 25 departments.

Students are American Heart Association Hospital BLS (Basic Life Support) CPR/AED and First Aid Certified

Three days a week students take college English (101 and 103), Anatomy & Physiology (Bio 110), and Medical Terminology (HCS 154) earning 12 credits through Finger Lakes Community College.

Critical thinking skills are taught both in and out of the classroom using simulation scenarios and case study analysis.

Students also have access to the Health Professions Simulation Lab located at the Regional Support Center in the same building as their classroom where they learn how to assess and treat various diseases using state of the art patient simulators.

Many students go on to work as PCT’s while attending college/university


Clinical Rotations include:

•        Emergency Department                  `         •    Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

•        Medical Surgical Unit                              •    Employee Health

•        8 Physician offices                                 •    Women’s Health (OB)                         

•        Surgical Services (OR/PACU)                     •    Speech Therapy                                

•        Biomedical                                          •    Respiratory Care

•        Pharmacy                                           •    Moore Place Behavioral Health

•        Chiropractic                                         •    PT/OT outpatient & inpatient

•        Cardiology (inpatient/outpatient)                    •    Radiology/Diagnostic Imaging

•        Endoscopy                                          •    Ambulance/EMT/Paramedic        

•        Pre –Surgical Testing                               •    Medical Records (Health Information

•        Orthopedics                                         •    Social Work/Case Management

•        Pediatrics                                            •    DeMay Living Center

•        Laboratory                                          •    Life Care Home Health