Professions in Education and Human Services

Instructor: Kristen Lindo 
2-Year Program
Hands On Hours: 352  Theory Hours: 518

Program Goal: Students enrolled in the Professions in the Education and Human Services program at WTCC will be immersed into a culture that expands their knowledge and experience of the many career opportunities available in the fields of education and human services. Students will work with preschoolers in the on-campus preschool, participate in job shadowing experiences, and engage in field site experiences in their area of interest under the direction of teaching professionals.   This program teaches students the skills, attitudes, and professional expectations of those in the education and human services fields. 

Curriculum: Prior to working with learners, students will spend their classroom time gaining perspective about the fields of education and human services.  They will learn about human development and the family life cycle, theories of learning and development, the history of education, lesson planning, implementation, and evaluation, as well as effective communication skills.  Students will create developmentally-appropriate lesson plans and interact with professionals in their field experience sites.  

Eligible seniors may apply for Level I NYS Teacher Assistant Certification upon completion of the program and the Dignity for All Students Act (DASA) course.  Both juniors and seniors have the opportunity to earn six college credits each year through Finger Lakes Community College (FLCC) and Monroe Community College (MCC). Both classes also visit two and four year colleges.  Guest presenters will be providing real life experiences from their specific professions.

Certifications: CPR for Infant, Child, & Adult, AED, First Aid, Mandated Child Abuse Reporting, and Violence Prevention in Schools (SAVE Trainings)

Curriculum Areas/Units of Study:

  • Human Development; Physical, Intellectual, and Social/Emotional and Noted Theorists
  • Family Life Cycle & Crises
  • Exceptional Learners: Special Education, Gifted & Talented  
  • Professional Ethics, Expectations,  and Soft Skills Practice
  • Classroom Organization, Management, and Positive Guidance Techniques
  • Lesson Planning, Evaluation, Reflection, and Presentation Skills
  • Child Observation, Assessments, and Record Keeping
  • History of  American Education and Societal Influences on Schools
  • Career Pathways, Opportunities, and Trends in the Education field
  • Career Pathways, Opportunities, and Trends in the Human Services field
  • College and Career Preparedness:  Maintaining a Portfolio, Resume, and Interviewing

Dual Credit:
Finger Lakes Community College (EDU 101-Teacher Assistant I, SSC 205-Service Learning)   
Monroe Community College (ECE 150-Exploring Early Care and Education, ECE 151-Developmentally Appropriate Practice for Young Children)

Articulation Agreement:
Herkimer County Community College (HU 110: Fundamentals of Art in Early Childhood Education)

Job Outlook (US Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook)