Middle School Skills Competition

On April 11, 2019, two hundred and ninety four students competed in hands-on events at the Wayne Technical and Career Center's (WTCC) annual 8th Grade Middle School Skills Competition.  

Below is a list of individual winners by school.


1st Place: Jessica Montemorano, Carpentry

2nd Place: Jaida Larsen, Bridal Hair Artistry; Tim Henry, Woodsmen's Triathlon; Evan Thayer, Woodsmen's Triathlon

3rd Place: Sydney Atwater, Veterinary Exploration; Kiersten LaRue, Veterinary Exploration                                                                            


2nd Place: Bryan Espinal, Carpentry; Brooke Litteer, Health Dimensions

3rd Place: Hayden Jenkins, Heavy Metal (Machining)


1st Place: Jerremmy Richardson, Health Dimensions; Nick Labbe, Heavy Metal (Machining)

3rd Place: Kai Figueroa, Electrical Trades; Kaylissa Hall, Pre-School Art (Education Professions); Khloe Wright, Pre-School Art (Education Professions)                   


1st Place: Caleb Smith, Computer Game Programming                                                   

2nd Place: Muteba Mulowayi,  Engine Building; Cassidy Loveless, Veterinary Exploration; Leah Gushlaw, Veterinary Exploration                                                       

3rd Place: Jennifer Hance, Cup Cake Wars; Madison Couperous, Cup Cake Wars                                                  


1st Place: Peyton DeBordor, Criminal Investigation; Jayden Ortiz, Criminal Investigation; Anna Verdine, Cup Cake Wars; Mackenzie Wells, Cup Cake Wars

2nd Place: Nikolas Tumbelekis, Auto Body Repair

3rd Place: Dalton Deroo, Basic Welding; Markis Weeks, Engine Building; Kody Cobb, Prom Night and Nail Artistry; Austin Chambers, Woodsmen's Triathlon; Ryan Mack, Woodsmen's Triathlon 

North Rose-Wolcott

1st Place: Abram DeBoerdere, Electrical Trades; Leigh Clement, Engine Building; Noah Wazinski, Pre-School Art (Education Professions); Sarah Burnett, Pre-School Art (Education Professions); Aleigha Penta, Prom Night and Nail Artistry

2nd Place: Itzel Otero-Rojo, Prom Night and Nail Artistry

3rd Place: Grace King, Auto Body Repair


1st Place: Aaron Cotterman, Auto Body Repair         

2nd Place: Jae Jackson, Auto Technician; Clare Boesel, Cup Cake Wars; Sophia Barclay, Cup Cake Wars; Landon Napora, Heavy Metal (Machining)

3rd Place: Gabe Perri, Criminal Investigation; Sean Henley, Criminal Investigation          

Red Creek     

1st Place: Cadence Sherman, Veterinary Exploration; Madalyn Mayville, Veterinary Exploration

3rd Place: Eric Huntington, Auto Technician          


2nd Place: Kathya Aguilera, Pre-School Art (Education Professions)

3rd Place: Jaliyah Murphy, Bridal Hair Artistry; Laila Ramirez, Health Dimensions


1st Place: Alex Cook, Basic Welding; Anabel Crestuk, Bridal Hair Artistry; Michael Clark, Woodsmen's Triathlon; Mason Smith, Woodsmen's Triathlon

2nd Place: Tony Anselmo, Computer Game Programming; Dylan Vance, Criminal Investigation; Owen Doran, Criminal Investigation; Louie Profetta, Electrical Trades

3rd Place: Brenden Harrington, Carpentry                


1st Place: Braeden McEwen, Auto Technician

2nd Place: Marshall Faniel, Basic Welding

3rd Place: Madison Dailey, Computer Game Programming

1st Place Winners-2019 Middle School Skills Competition